Some Republicans were so disappointed with the Pennsylvania election outcome that they called a meeting to decide who will be president for the next four years.

Republican Party of Pennsylvania members have organized an alternate Electoral College-style vote to reaffirm who they believe is the rightful U.S. president.

The electors came from six states that Joe Biden allegedly won. They gathered in Harrisburg to cast a “conditional vote” for Donald Trump and Mike Pence for president and vice president, respectively.

The conditional resolution states that electors certify their vote for the president and vice president on the understanding that if, as a “result of a final non-appealable court order or other proceeding prescribed by law, [they] are ultimately recognized as being the duly elected and qualified electors for president and vice president of the United States of America from the State of Pennsylvania.”

“We took this procedural vote to preserve any legal claims that may be presented going forward,” Trump 2020 campaign Pennsylvania Chairwoman Bernadette “Bernie” Comfort said in a statement.

Republicans hope the symbolic gesture, which the Democrats in Hawaii used 60 years ago, will help a future court decision “give them force.”

“While Democrat legal challenges were pending, Democratic presidential electors met to cast a conditional vote for John F. Kennedy to preserve their intent in the event of future favorable legal outcomes,” the Republican Party of Pennsylvania said in a statement.

The group wants the judicial system to invalidate illegal ballots and, in turn, deliver President Trump a second term in the Oval Office.

“This was in no way an effort to usurp or contest the will of the Pennsylvania voters,” Comfort said.

In Nevada, a total of six Republicans met in the capital of Carson City to cast their votes in front of a live audience.

“There is still legal action pending in all these states, so what we are doing here is complying with the requirement to vote on this day, in the state capital in the event court cases are resolved favorably,” prospective elector Jim DeGraffenreid said, according to the Washington Post.

Fellow Republican Shawn Meehan described the formality as one way for Trump supporters to show who they want to control the White House.

“You could say this is our howdy-doody to the system,” he said, according to the Post.

The president revealed there had been several election irregularities that must be thoroughly investigated.

“Why did the swing states stop counting in the middle of the night?” he said on Twitter. “Because they waited to find out how many ballots they had to produce in order to steal the Rigged Election. They were so far behind that they needed time, & a fake ‘water main break,’ to recover!'”

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