In addition to the multitude of accusations of fraud, the suspicious rejection rate of mail-in votes that occurred in the state of Pennsylvania is now being questioned. 

Out of 2,614,011 votes, only 951 were rejected for not complying with the requirements of mail-in and absentee votes, that is, 0.03%, a figure that compared to the rejection rate in 2016 indicates that this year the acceptance of possible badly processed votes increased more than 30 times, according to Just the News of Nov. 16. 

The 951 rejected mail-in votes was for the entire state. 

This breaks with the behavior observed in the previous elections when the rejection rate reached as high as 3%, with an average rejection rate of being 1%. 

The situation becomes even more worrying when one considers that the supervisors of the Republicans were limited in participating in what they could observe, thus violating their right to ensure the transparency of the electoral process. 

It was to be expected that the number of rejected postal votes would be much higher than the number of in-person-votes. 

Generally, first-time absentee voters tend to make more mistakes when filling out ballots. 

This year the number of absentee ballots was overwhelmingly higher than in previous elections.

The data becomes more significant when considering the Democrats’ insistence on encouraging voting through the postal service, and given that the differences between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden are only a few thousand votes. 

Among the causes of deception discovered in the presidential elections, the one that stands out the most is the use of Dominion Ballot Counting Systems machines to count the votes. 

This counting system is credited with passing thousands of votes from President Trump to Biden and the disappearance of up to millions of votes. 

As the investigations advance, the results are not a given, but for now the theories point to those directly responsible for the fraud are at the highest political levels in the country.

Twitter user @MajorPatriot, proposes a list of federal agencies, and U.S. personalities who would have knowledge of the illegal use of the vote-counting system contracted with the firm Dominion.  

“The scope of this cannot be exaggerated. This could bring the whole world down,” tweeted @MajorPatriot. 

And he said, “From Obama to the Clinton. Certainly the Bidens. Brennan and the CIA, the FBI. Senators, Congressmen, Governors. Prominent members of the media. They all knew. They all knew about Dominion.”

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