Vice President Mike Pence ignored congressional objections calling for a 10-day delay to investigate the denounced frauds, and designated Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election.

After completing the count of the votes sent by the Electoral Colleges of each state, Pence confirmed them on Jan. 7 at 3:40 a.m. according to CBS News. 

Pence allegedly defrauded millions of Americans by knowing about the legal proceedings against the state results, which could implicate the Democrats and several countries in an extensive network of election interference.

President Donald Trump rejected the results confirmed by Pence, and aware of the process involved in fulfilling his promise to Make America Great Again (MAGA), said there would be “an orderly transition on January 20.”

For many of the patriots, important events have yet to occur before Jan. 20, and some remember that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said something similar to Trump’s message.

“There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,” quoted Twitter user @Quango72.

Prominent attorney Lin Wood, who incessantly defends electoral integrity, sent a message stating that Trump will preside over the country for four more years.

“Time for rest. I had to stay up to watch the conclusion of the greatest attempted theft in history. Now it is a completed crime,” Lin wrote in his Parler account.

He added, “Many traitors Will be arrested & jailed over the next several days.”

President Donald J. Trump will serve four more years,” as relayed by user @SherryTapscott on Jan. 7.

Other options that could diametrically change the situation are also being considered, such as the application of the 2018 executive order, which provides for sentences for those who participated in the crime of election interference, including possible foreign powers.

In all cases, President Trump has set an example by always following the law and the Constitution, which would in fact allow him to participate in U.S. politics indefinitely. 

Some legislators have called for president Trump to be evicted from the White House before Jan. 20, which journalist Cesare Sacchetti believes could cover up some guilt. 

“The treacherous Republicans have asked for the forced removal of Trump from the WH before January 20,” Sacchetti wrote in a tweet.

“If everything is over and Biden won, why would they need to do that? Maybe they know that it’s not over yet.Maybe they know that Trump can still foil this coup,” he said.


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