After the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) felt confident that she could continue to dominate and increase her power but she has seen her wishes frustrated by Republican election gains.

Currently, the number of Democratic representatives is 232 and the Republicans 197, but to date the Democrats have lost 10 seats while the Republicans have gained 9, leaving them at 222 versus 208, according to Decision Desk HQ, on Nov. 28. 

Pelosi said in an interview in late October, “This year, I’m trying to win it two years in advance—by being so substantial in this election that as soon as we start into the next year, people will see our strength,” according to The Associated Press.

She added, “We intend to hold the House and grow our numbers, and contribute to winning the Senate and the presidency,” while estimating an increase of 5 to 15 more seats in that corporation. 

However, seeing the results of Nov. 3, the frustration of the Democrats resulted in grudges and the search for culprits. 

What they may not have realized is the mastery with which the Republicans ran their campaign after the disastrous experience of the 2018 vote. 

Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the House minority leader became the brains behind the 2020 strategy, as noted by the Washington Examiner.

McCarthy renewed the fundraising strategies with the Take Back the House and Win Red projects, with which he obtained $1 billion online in just 15 months.

He also acknowledged the full support of President Donald Trump, of whom he said, “This guy is a workaholic. He called me from the hospital, with COVID.”

“When the president wasn’t on the ballot, we lost seats,” McCarthy said.

He also recalled, “When the president was on the ballot, we won seats—in Miami, in California, in New York, in Iowa and in Minnesota.”

McCarthy noted that Pelosi’s deep anger with President Trump cost the Democrats some seats. “But she was willing to take that risk because she hated Trump so much,” he said, according to the Washington Examiner.

McCarthy calculates that the Republicans’ advance strengthens their position, and if they are joined by 10 of the Democrats who voted against Pelosi last time, she would lose her seat. 

“We are close enough now that we can control the floor, with a few Democrats joining with us. Remember what America just said. They rejected socialism. We won from Miami to New York to Minnesota to California,” McCarthy told anchor Maria Martiromo, according to her Nov. 8 tweet.

Now, Republicans are confident that in 2022 they could get a majority in the House, which would definitely take Pelosi away from the leadership of the House. 

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