America’s chief lawyer of the federal government rejected a request from dozens of House Republicans to appoint a special counsel to examine several election irregularities.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr refused to allow the Department of Justice (DOJ) to appoint a special counsel to investigate “legitimate questions” about the November election outcome.

Barr claimed there was no point in verifying who actually won the presidential race and would rather let Joe Biden and the Democrats seize control of the White House.

“I think to the extent that there is an investigation, I think that it is being handled responsibly and professionally currently within the department,” he said in a video shared on YouTube. “To this point, I have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel, and I have no plan to do so before I leave.”

Barr openly admitted that President Donald Trump, and his supporters rightly believe that election fraud took place. However, he still refused to yield to the will of nearly 30 House Republicans who cosigned a letter to the president, demanding that a special counsel begin thoroughly investigating the presidential election.

“There are [cases of] fraud unfortunately in most elections and, I think we are too tolerant of it,” Barr said. “I am sure there was fraud in this election but I was commenting on the extent to which we have looked at suggestions or allegations of systematic or broad-base fraud that would affect the outcome of the election—I already spoke to that, and I stand by that.”

The remarks came despite the GOP’s “widespread support” to proceed with the appointment to investigate “irregularities” in the 2020 election.

“The American people deserve a definitive resolution to the uncertainty hovering over the outcome of our election but legitimate questions of voter fraud remain unanswered,” the group said in a statement.

Barr also denied the GOP’s request to confiscate Dominion voting equipment for further examination.

“I see no basis now for seizing machines by the federal government,” he said.

President Trump has expressed deep dissatisfaction with the Barr’s lack of transparency about election fraud. He was also unimpressed by Barr’s response to alleged misconduct and money laundering involving then-Vice President Biden and his son, former Burisma board member Hunter Biden.

“Why didn’t Bill Barr reveal the truth to the public, before the election, about Hunter Biden?” the president said on Twitter. “Joe was lying on the debate stage that nothing was wrong, or going on—press confirmed. Big disadvantage for Republicans at the polls!”

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