A popular civil rights attorney and talk radio host warned the Democratic Party would continue to incite racial tension, and said that the only way to reach a peaceful resolution is to vote President Trump back into office.

Leo Terrell believes the Democrats are exacerbating civil unrest, which has spread across the nation since the death-in-custody of Minnesotan George Floyd in May.

He is particularly concerned about what he calls Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D–N.Y.) misleading remarks at the Democratic National Convention about so-called systemic racism and the party’s plan to deliver “bold and dramatic change to our country.”

“He says that horrible lie [about] systemic discrimination,” Terrell said according to Fox News’s “Hannity.”  “There is no systemic discrimination in Democratic cities. That is a big lie by Chuck Schumer.”

Terrell encouraged all Americans to take a moment to watch a campaign video for Republican candidate for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District Kimberly Klacik. The footage shows the derelict buildings and poorly maintained streets of Baltimore that Klacik uses as proof the Democratic Party “betrayed the black people” for the 53 years it has been in power.

“I want everyone to watch that Kimberly Klacik video because basically it is absolute, undisputed proof that the Democrats have destroyed cities where black people live in,” he said. “They do not care, it is absolute pandering.”

Terrell accused Schumer and other Democrats of deliberately trying to start a racial war for their political advantage.

Their statements have been counterproductive in peacefully resolving extreme anarchist protests that led to street violence, looting of businesses, and destruction of historical and religious monuments.

“[I have witnessed] black people chanting [and trying to] take away homes from white people,” he said. “This is a race issue party, they are creating a racial division, we have got to stop this race war the Democrats are perpetuating, and we have to get back to common sense for this election.”

He believes the most effective way to restore law and order and ease racial tensions in the community, is to vote for President Donald Trump in-person at the local polling station during the upcoming general election on Nov. 3.

“There is only one man who can solve this problem and that is Donald J. Trump,” he said. “We must keep Trump in office or else this city and this country is going to go to the deep end of socialism.”

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