A new statement from a Michigan poll watcher on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 1, during the Senate Oversight Committee meeting detailed the moment when at 4 a.m. wheelbarrows arrived with thousands of mail-in ballots, all for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The committee on Tuesday held a hearing aimed at resolving irregularities and fraud during the election process in the last presidential election.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, one of the election observers who worked during the Michigan vote count showed up on Tuesday and made a statement detailing the time when thousands of mail-in ballots for Biden mysteriously appeared at 4 a.m. the day after the election. 

Prior to that time, President Trump had a comfortable lead over his Democratic opponent, he said. Suddenly, without explanation, at about 4 a.m. the vote count was suspended. 

Subsequently, a massive ballot dump of 130,000 votes in favor of Democrat Joe Biden appeared, allowing him to change the state’s election result.

President Trump himself published a tweet with a video in which the witness appears, relating the aberrant event he witnessed. 

The witness’s account coincided perfectly with what José Aliaga, an American citizen from Peru, described a few days ago in his testimony of what happened in the early morning of Nov. 4 at the polling station in Detroit, Michigan. He said he saw dozens of dollies of ballots for the Democratic candidate that arrived after the polls closed but were still counted, illegally in the absence of the Republican poll watchers.

Aliaga gave his testimony on the District 13 YouTube channel on Friday, Nov. 13, which so far has published at least five testimonies of electoral fraud in the state of Michigan.

Aliaga’s main allegation is something that has been reported previously and coincides with several other eyewitnesses. Around 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4, several vehicles arrived at the TFC convention center in Detroit, carrying boxes of mail-in ballots. Aliaga was fulfilling his role as a poll watcher representing the Republican Party.

When he wanted to get closer to observe the counting of these votes, the Democratic members of which “there was a ratio of 200 to 60 Republicans,” obstructed his view arguing that he had to keep 6 feet away and finally they did not let him observe the counting of the votes, but he could observe that they only had the option of president (Biden) and senator (Gary Peters) marked.

Aliaga detailed the constant mistreatment he received from the “army” of Democratic controllers, who were allowed to move freely within the premises and use their cellphones, while Republican observers were completely prohibited from doing so.

Aliaga’s testimony is just one of many that are in the hands of justice. The evidence of fraud exceeds what was initially known, and the theft of these elections is increasingly evident. 

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