Speculation is growing that a Democrat, who wants to be the next president, is strangely receiving tens of thousands of votes while tallies for his rivals remain unchanged.

A Michigander has questioned a significant jump in votes for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden because the count did not change for President Donald Trump, Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen, Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins, Constitution Party candidate Don Blankenship, and Alliance Party candidate Roque De La Fuente.

“Social media users are sharing two screenshots of election maps that appear to show Joe Biden receiving over 138,000 votes in one update overnight in Michigan, with the other candidates not seeing their vote counts change,” Clara Hendricks said in a video shared on YouTube. “Biden is being magically handed votes and I am wondering what you would say to those claims.”

However, Democratic Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson dismissed the evidence shared on social media as “misinformation” even though she had not seen it herself.

“We have seen in a number of elections already this year, the use of false graphics to try to indicate that there is some sort of problem happening,” she said in the video. “Now I have not seen the ones in particular that you are talking about but notably the trusted sources of information about the count here in Michigan are election officials and county websites, and our website that is reporting out the data.”

Benson admitted the Great Lakes State has been under a lot of scrutiny, especially since the general election was held on Nov. 3.

“We really encourage everyone to know we understand the eyes of the nation are on Michigan right now and our voters, and these ballots,” she said.

At the time of publication more than 5.3 million votes were counted in Michigan, from which Biden had 49.9%, the incumbent 48.6%, Jorgensen 1.1%, Hawkins 0.2%, and both Blankenship and De La Fuente 0.1% according to Google.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) similarly expressed “big concerns” about incorrect information circulated about the outcome of the election, and vowed to counter it with messaging of its own.

“One of our big concerns is misinformation and disinformation on Election Day,” WEC Public Information Officer Reid Magney said in a statement. “We will be monitoring social media and putting out correct information when we see problems.”

The WEC defended the integrity of polling station workers and invited anyone who suspects election fraud may have taken place to contact WEC directly by making a complaint online or phoning (608) 261-2028.

“Wisconsin’s counting and reporting of unofficial results has gone according to law,” the commission said on Twitter. “Our municipal and county clerks have worked tirelessly throughout the night to make sure every valid ballot is counted and reported accurately.”

At the time of publication more than 3.2 million ballots had been counted in Wisconsin, from which Biden had 49.6%, President Trump 48.9%, Jorgensen 1.2%, and both Blankenship and American Solidarity Party candidate Brian Carroll 0.2% according to Google.

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