The Trump campaign senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis, told Fox Business on Monday, Dec. 7, that audit results found by investigators on Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan, could provide answers about the suspected rigged election in favor of Democrat Joe Biden.

“This is really important … because we have an independent team that is there that has gotten all of this imaging, and they spent about eight hours yesterday doing that forensic audit. We anticipate having the results by tomorrow,” Ellis told host Charles Payne.

“This is incredibly important to the election integrity effort as a whole because this isn’t just the Trump campaign that’s interested in having answers to these machines,” he added, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

During an interview with Fox News, Ellis mentioned the announcement made by the Michigan Republican Party during November, when it was revealed that in Antrim County, the voting machines incorrectly changed 6,000 votes from Trump to Joe Biden.

“A judge actually granted our team access to 22 of the Dominion voting machines for us to conduct a forensic audit. So if you remember this is the county that had the switch of 6,000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden and that was an unexplained and so-called glitch,” said Ellis.

Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer ordered a forensic examination of Dominion Voting System’s voting machines by President Donald Trump’s legal team in response to allegations that votes were compromised in favor of Biden in the Antrim County, Michigan.

According to Antrim County spokesman Jeremy Scott to the Detroit Free Press, the forensic images will be taken from the tabulators in the county precincts used in the Nov. 3 election.

The Michigan Secretary of State’s Office attributed the voting irregularities to a technical error caused by the lack of software updates, saying it didn’t take long to fix the problem.

Elsenheimer also granted a request to resident William Bailey to proceed with a forensic examination of the county’s voting machines and another to the hardware and software involved in the voting and tabulation process, according to the Daily Wire. 

Until then, Elsenheimer asked county election officials to preserve the state in which the voting machines are located and to refrain from tampering with them until the forensic examination is performed.

As detailed by the judge in the court order, Antrim County officials must “maintain, preserve, and protect all records in its possession used to tabulate votes in Antrim County, to not turn on the Dominion tabulator in its possession and to not connect the Dominion tabulator in its possession to the internet.”

The judge’s order was issued on Friday, Dec. 4, in response to Bailey’s claims based on the mishap that ended up awarding Biden thousands of illegitimate votes, but also includes a claim about ballots that were damaged during a vote on a local marijuana ordinance.

While the audit in Antrim County is related to a marijuana proposal, not the presidential election, Trump 2020’s lead counsel is confident that answers will help clear up signs of voter fraud.

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