Dominion Voting System Executive Director John Poulos will testify today, Tuesday, Dec. 15, at a hearing before the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on election software irregularities.

The hearing will be the first in which he will testify regarding the 28 states that used voting software since the voting began for Nov. 3.

Currently, Dominion Voting System is in the middle of the electoral fraud allegations, after the Michigan Republican Party demanded an audit of the electoral results. The allegations of vote manipulation were made public and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, assured that it was only a human error.

As the Washington Times pointed out, the hearing scheduled for 1 p.m. EST will be chaired by Michigan Sen. Ed McBroom.

Last week, Poulos sent a letter to McBroom informing him that someone from the company could testify at the scheduled hearing, in which he welcomed the opportunity to testify in what he called “the continuing malicious and widespread disinformation campaign.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, the letter came a day after Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield announced that the House would vote to grant broad subpoena power to the House Oversight Committee in the face of a refusal to participate in a hearing.

Dominion Voting System had received repeated citations from Committee Chairman Rep. Matt Hall, a Republican, to send a representative to answer questions to legislators, without receiving a response.

Last Wednesday, Hall stated that there were many allegations and theories about Dominion, noting that if he could testify, they would provide ample benefit to all those interested in the alleged anomalies.

“If they’re not true, then come in and tell your side of the story. Come to the Legislature and answer questions,” Hall said, emphasizing that he expected the company to testify without the use of a subpoena.

“My goal, as I’ve said all along, is to restore confidence in the elections. That requires listening to people of all viewpoints,” he added.

During the hearing, Dominion’s CEO will face questions related to the results of the forensic audit of the voting machines.

The results, released on Monday by a team of forensic experts in Antrim County, revealed that Dominion’s system “is intentionally and deliberately designed with inherent flaws to create systemic fraud and influence election results.”

Allied Security Operations Group, the firm of experts charged with examining the voting machines, further said Dominion’s products were to blame for the vote shift that favored Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

An emergency hearing was also held Monday, where Michigan 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer lifted a protective order preventing the release of a report on the forensic examination of Dominion’s voting machines in Antrim County.


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