Support among California-based Latinos for President Donald Trump has increased eight points in the last month, according to a survey by the California Public Policy Institute (PPIC).

Fifty-seven percent of likely Latino voters in the state, which has been recently ruled by Democrats, support Joe Biden, while 33 percent support the president, who will seek re-election on Nov. 3.

The figures show a remarkable growth of the president since September, when 64% said they would vote for Biden and 25% for Trump.

Thus, Latino support for President Trump in California is almost as high as that of white voters.

In fact, according to the Sacramento Bee, California Latinos’ support for Trump has been growing since 2016.

Mike Madrid, co-founder of the Lincoln Project and an expert on Latino voting trends, said Biden has yet to win over Latinos in the same way that Hillary Clinton did in 2016, according to the Bee.

This trend is reflected in the approval President Trump is garnering among Latino voters, which rose from 27% in September to 35% in October.

Electoral preferences for President Trump by Latinos living in the state where the Democratic Party won in recent years, could continue to grow as Spanish-speaking viewers noted that the president won the last debate with Biden.

In general, among the Latino community there is a large proportion that considers itself conservative and therefore more inclined toward the Republican Party.

In the state of California, the “Latinos with Eisenhower” movement began in the 1950s, as Northwestern University historian Geraldo Cadava recalled in an article published in the Los Angeles Times.

“In many ways, the fit with the party was natural for a constituency that valued family, church, and work so highly,” Cadava wrote.

On Oct. 10, some 30,000 cars participated in a parade of vehicles in Miami, in favor of President Trump’s re-election. Miami has the largest concentration of Latinos in the United States.

At the event, which was held at the Magic City Casino, participants waved flags in support of the president and displayed posters rejecting socialism and communism.

Parade organizer Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat told Breitbart that the event was unprecedented in size and diversity.

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