A Democrat who calls himself the next president does not want the general public to come and watch him being sworn into office.

Joe Biden has decided not to invite fellow Americans to join him and vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris for their inaugurations at the Capitol on Jan. 20.

Biden defended his refusal to allow anybody to attend because it would help contain the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, and prevent the deadly disease from infecting what he anticipates to be a record crowd with hundreds and thousands of spectators.

The White House has already implemented strict social-distancing measures that could theoretically allow the event to proceed as planned. However, the Presidential Inaugural Committee is still insisting on turning away Americans who take an active interest in federal politics and telling them to stay at home.

“Our goal is to create an inauguration that keeps people safe, honors the grand traditions of the presidency, and showcases the Biden-Harris administration’s renewed American vision for an inclusive, equitable, and unified citizenry,” committee CEO Tony Allen said in a statement obtained by Reuters.

There will be a significantly scaled-down ceremony and “extremely limited” traditional parade. Anyone who is not invited will have to watch the event on social media or through mainstream media outlets instead.

The committee is also urging people who do not live in Washington to avoid traveling to the nation’s capitol before, during, and after the event.

Biden’s 2020 election strategy has been to avoid holding large gatherings and remotely run his campaign mostly online from his permanent residence in Delaware. However, the Democrat has been spotted joining a number of small scale events in-person.

President Donald Trump does not believe the inauguration will proceed as planned, and maintains there is still a chance election irregularities will let him stay in the Oval Office for another four years.

“Tremendous evidence pouring in on voter fraud, there has never been anything like this in our country!” he said on Twitter.

He revealed Dominion voting technology incorrectly processed more than two-thirds of ballots in Michigan during the November election.

“[There was a] 68 percent error rate in Michigan voting machines [and] should be, by law, a tiny percentage of one percent,” he said on Twitter. “Did Michigan secretary of state break the law? Stay tuned!”

“Tremendous problems being found with voting machines. They are so far off it is ridiculous,” he added on Twitter. “Able to take a landslide victory and reduce it to a tight loss. This is not what the USA is all about. Law enforcement shielding machines. DO NOT TAMPER, a crime. Much more to come!”

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