Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was accused of obtaining illegal money abroad, according to documents found on a computer that belonged to his son, Hunter Biden.

Now a coalition of conservative groups is calling on House Democrats demanding Biden’s bank records, the Frontiers of Freedom Foundation reported on Dec. 1. 

A letter, addressed to Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.), chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, mentions “a computer whose authenticity has been established by the FBI,” which contains the compromising information.

“As you also know, public record has established beyond doubt that Vice President Biden repeatedly took his son on official trips to foreign nations and that shortly after those trips his son’s companies were receiving millions in contracts from entities related to the government of those nations,” the letter adds.

It also reminds Neal that after those companies began to be investigated for corruption, “Vice President Biden intervened and forced that government [Ukraine] to close the corruption investigation and fire the prosecutor by threatening to deny the country and its people U.S. foreign assistance.”

And he goes on to say that according to the information on the computer, Hunter Biden gave at least 10% of his income to his father, Joe Biden.

The investigation would clarify this dubious situation, “This could put an end to any accusations, including concerns about how he acquired his extensive personal wealth and large estate.”

However, this demand for Joe Biden’s financial records is not his only concern, given the countless claims of voter fraud that point to the Democratic Party.

At the hearing held by President Trump’s Georgia campaign lawyers on Dec. 3, a video clearly shows that after GOP poll workers leave the vote-counting room, several suitcases were pulled out from under a table that were filled with illegal ballots.

In a tweet provided by Eric Trump, a chart shows that between 11:19 and 11:36 p.m., Biden’s count soars by several tens of thousands of votes, one of the most representative pieces of evidence of Democratic-organized election rigging.

Likewise, the renowned lawyer Sidney Powell warned the states that have not yet certified the election results to be very cautious, because if they prove to be corrupt they could be implicated as accomplices. 

“I would like to WARN any State that thinks at this moment that it is going to certify this election to rethink it VERY seriously, because what they are certifying is their own FRAUD and their own COMPLICITY in the fraud,” as quoted by Twitter user @CB618444.

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