A Democrat who wants to become the next president will let every foreigner that has illegally crossed the national border stay in the United States indefinitely.

Joe Biden thinks it is a good idea to use the Oval Office to unconditionally grant citizenship to millions of illegal aliens despite many of them entering and staying in the country unlawfully.

“I am going to make a commitment in the first 100 days, I will send an immigration bill to the United States Senate with a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people in America,” he told NBC News, according to a video shared on YouTube.

He made the remarks despite recent estimates from the Brookings Institute that about 10.5 to 12 million illegal aliens would quickly be granted every right that other, law-abiding people spent years and thousands of dollars trying to obtain via legitimate avenues.

More than 47% of illegal aliens came from Mexico, 18% from Central America, and 13% from Asia.

“About two-thirds of undocumented immigrants have been in the United States for 10 years or longer,” the institute said on its website. “In 2017, 20 percent of undocumented, adult immigrants had lived in the United States for five years or less.”

Biden intends to support environmental activists, who believe in a theory that burning fossil fuels causes weather changes due to the rising level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

“I will also be moving to do away with some of the—I think very damaging—executive orders that have significantly impacted on making the climate worse and making us less healthy from methane to a whole range of things the president … has eviscerated [from] the Environmental Protection Agency,” he said.

He plans to use federal funds to help bail out those Democrat-controlled states and local councils that are poorly managed with taxpayer money and now face the risk of bankruptcy.

“Get immediate assistance to state and local governments to keep them from basically going under,” he said.

Since Biden believes he has already won the presidential election, he would direct the Democratic Party to work with Republicans on the next CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus stimulus package.

Democrats spent months blocking multiple bills from passing through Congress, preventing desperately needed financial relief from reaching struggling businesses and workers impacted by government restrictions to help contain the deadly disease.

“While we try to do all of this, focus on those folks who when a crisis hits, they are always the first ones hit, and recovery comes they’re the last one in–that is basically minority communities that hurt very badly,” Biden said. “Making sure we get the A that was voted on in the House and passed by the Senate and in some cases much of which has not passed get the kind of help to keep people afloat.”

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