The computer expert hired by Dominion, Melissa Corrone, described what happened during the Nov. 3 vote count in Michigan as a “complete fraud.”

Among the serious accusations made by Corrone is that the same votes were counted over and over again, from which it is inferred that the count of Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, was fraudulently increased, according to the alternative media The Post Millennial on Dec. 1.  

“What I witnessed at the TDS Center was complete fraud,” Corrone said. “There were batches of ballots being ran through the tabulating machines numerous times, being counted eight to ten times, I watched this with my own eyes.”

She explained that the correct procedure required that in the event of an error presented by the machine, it was necessary to erase the number of votes counted in that lot and restart the partial count of that lot.

But the workers did not erase them but rather repeated the count, which obviously artificially inflated the total number of votes. 

Corrone said, “If you do not discard it, it is recounting it. … Say ballot 25 had an issue, you had already went through 24 ballots, so you’re gonna put them back all in a pile and you’re just going to rescan it, so you’re counting that 24 again.”

She also deplored that the people who worked with her during her short contract had not been trained, one of whom she had known for 20 years. 

 “These people had no idea what they were doing,” Corrone said. 

Her impression was that all the workers who accompanied her were in cahoots in the deception. 

“There was not a single ballot that whole night, the whole 27 hours that I was there, that was for Donald Trump, not one, that is scary, there is no reason for that,” Corrone added.

After witnessing that disaster Corrone called the FBI to report it, the next day, and although they took her statement by phone the call was disconnected, and she was never contacted. 

The irregularities observed in Michigan were numerous, involving errors with hundreds of thousands of votes.

The Trump campaign produced a thick file of 234 sheets containing sworn statements similar to Corrone’s, about cases of possible fraud in counting votes in Michigan. 

Another of the fraud cases reported in Michigan by the specialized attorney, Sidney Powell, was the Dominion Voting System machines, to which she attributed deception in hundreds of thousands of votes.

In spite of the gigantic wave of fraud, President Trump supporters are confident that their right to vote will be recovered and that it will open the way to re-election.

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