President Donald Trump is stepping up his efforts in the campaign to elect Republican candidates to the Georgia State Senate, warning voters “If you don’t vote, the socialists and communists win.”

After running in the first round of voting for the Senate, candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue will have a second round on Jan. 5 against Democratic candidates the Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff respectively.

President Trump said that the Democrats are the “two most extreme and left-wing liberal candidates in history,” according to Fox News on Dec. 6. 

“Very simply, you will decide whether your children will grow up in a socialist country or free country. Socialism is just the beginning for these people. They want to go into a communistic form of government,” he said, referring to Ossoff, Warnock and the Democrats who support them.

Indeed, in fact, one of the biggest criticisms of the Democratic Party is its bias toward the radical left.

In this strong tendency, the Democrats are supported by the violent Marxist groups Black Lives Matter (BLM) and antifa, which in recent months have rioted in many U.S. cities, causing death and the destruction of thousands of businesses.

In light of the evidence of electoral corruption presented in the presidential elections in Georgia, the suspicions that the Jan. 5 elections are also a hoax would not be unfounded.

“You must go vote, vote early. They cheated, they rigged our presidential election, but we will still win it. They’re going to try and rig this election too,” President Trump said.

According to the results obtained on Nov. 3, the Republican senators elected are 50 and the Democrats are 48, so it is necessary for Loeffler and Perdue to win, thus ensuring a majority for their party in the Senate.

President Trump led an inspiring meeting with his Georgian supporters in Valdosta on Dec. 5, where he encouraged them to vote to consolidate the Republican leadership.

The enthusiastic crowd expressed its unanimous support for President Trump, chanting, “Fight for Trump.” 

User @KimonaQ attached a short video of the rally in which Perdue also appears. 

“Fight for Trump” and “Trump fights for freedom,” is the message from @KimonaQ.

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