A controversial Republican from Maryland directed the president to refrain from doing physical activities and admit he lost the election.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has ordered President Donald Trump to immediately cease playing golf and declare Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election.

“Stop golfing and concede,” he said on Twitter.

Hogan’s heated remarks came after President Trump complained about the governor’s lackluster loyalty to the Republican Party.

Notably Hogan spent $9.46 million in taxpayer funds on faulty CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus testing kits, according to media reports.

“This RINO [Republican in name only] will never make the grade,” the president said on Twitter. “Hogan is just as bad as the flawed tests he paid big money for!”

However, the governor rejected the opportunity for personal growth and even decided to take an insubordinate tone.

“If you had done your job, America’s governors would not have been forced to fend for themselves to find tests in the middle of a pandemic, as we successfully did in Maryland,” he said on Twitter.

Regardless of what each side argues, the fact is the CCP Virus tests failed to serve their function, and Hogan allegedly tried to cover it up.

Breitbart reported that the Hogan administration decided not to complain, instead secretly paid a South Korean supplier an extra $2.5 million for another 500,000 working CCP Virus testing kits.

According to hundreds of pages of emails, documents, and interviews from Breitbart, Maryland could never use the original kits.

The governor still refuses to admit he made a mistake and instead spends his time trying to divert attention by blaming the Trump administration.

He recently used national television to express that he felt ashamed by the GOP’s loyalty to the president and decision to let him exercise his constitutional right to pursue the election result through the judicial system.

“Look, I thought the pressuring of the legislators to try to somehow change the outcome with electors was completely outrageous,”  he told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “Quite frankly, I mean, we used to go supervise elections around the world, and we were the most respected country with respect to elections, and now we are beginning to look like we are a Banana Republic. It is time for them to stop the nonsense. It just gets more bizarre every single day, and, frankly, I am embarrassed that more people in the party are not speaking up.”

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