Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, spoke on the Fox News program “Newsroom” on Wednesday Dec. 2, and condemned the attitude of the mainstream media for continuing to minimize and even dismiss the amount of evidence of election fraud by Democrats and called them “propaganda media.”

“The propaganda media doesn’t cover the news. The propaganda media spent five years trying to destroy Trump,” Gingrich said. “They’re not about to turn around and in any way help him, so they’re not gonna cover anything which could, in any way, threaten Joe Biden. That’s just a fact, it’s where we are as a country.”

On “Hannity” on Dec. 1, two U.S. Postal Service (USPS) subcontractors appeared and testified about what they saw working for the mail service.

Ethan Pease who works in Wisconsin said he was notified of a plan to backdate some 100,000 mail-in ballots to be counted despite being outside the Nov. 3 deadline. Pease signed an affidavit.

Jesse Morgan, a truck driver, drove 300,000 ballots in boxes with full signature from New York to Pennsylvania.

“I can tell you, I took 24 pallets,” Morgan told Hannity. “This happened on Oct. 21, and I picked them up in Bethpage, N.Y., and drove them to Harrisburg [Pa.] and from Harrisburg, I drove them to Lancaster, dropped the trailer in Lancaster, dropped my truck off, and went home.”

However, mainstream media will not cover this breaking news regardless of the severity of the claims and instead just keep criticizing President Trump for not conceding the election results, as if they would not want to pursue the truth.

“The desperation of the left-wing media from day one, to pretend there is nothing here to challenge, there is no procedure, the electors are automatic, Trump’s being a spoiled person, it’s totally wrong. Forget Donald Trump … every American deserves to know that this is an honest election. Every American deserves to know that their vote counted and wasn’t either stolen or submerged by stolen votes,” Gingrich said.

He noted that beyond the lies of the mainstream media, there is a legal procedure when election results are challenged that is in the hands of state legislatures. So far, legislative bodies in Michigan, Arizon, and Pennsylvania have held public hearings where President Trump’s legal team presented evidence of fraud.

“I’m frankly puzzled by how you can have this many different allegations and not realize there is something profoundly wrong,” Gingrich said. “These aren’t coming from the Trump team, these are coming from people all over the country.”

Gingrich stressed that these efforts are not just coming from President Trump but is something that Americans are seeking through their own means.

“So from the standpoint of the American people, we ought to insist on getting to the bottom of this and I think it’s very troubling how widespread the corruption is and how deep the commitment is to cover it up,” he concluded.

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