Republican election observers in Georgia confirmed—under oath—what several lawsuits had claimed: that authorities at the vote-counting center told them to go home on the night of the presidential election. However, as evidenced, the count continued into the early hours of the morning.

Mitchell Harrison and Michelle Branton detailed that at approximately 10:30 p.m. on Nov. 3 in an absentee ballot counting room in State Farm Arena, Atlanta, a woman shouted at everyone to stop working and return the next morning at 8:30 a.m. “This lady had appeared through the night and Mitchell and I believed her to be the supervisor,” Branton wrote in an affidavit.

As described, except for a handful of people, almost all the workers left and the entire vote count was stopped.

According to his affidavit, Harrison tried to confirm the order with Regina Waller, Fulton County’s director of public affairs for the election. However, she refused to answer the questions.

A few minutes later, Branton, Harrison and the rest of the team left. Only four people remained in the room, including Waller.

Authorities told the public that the recount had stopped.

Later, however, Republican observers learned that the vote count had resumed at the State Farm Arena. Observers rushed back to the site around 1 a.m. on Nov. 4 and found that this was indeed the case.

What happened while the Republican observers were gone?

Video footage taken by security cameras at the State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, shows suitcases full of ballots appearing after the supervisor told the Republican observers to leave the polling place. (Twitter / @mysunshinewrld1 – Dec. 3)

On Dec. 3, images taken by security cameras at the State Farm Arena showing suitcases full of ballots appearing after Republican observers left the vote-counting center were released.

The controversial images, which attest to repeated statements by dozens of witnesses, were shown during a hearing organized by the Georgia Senate Oversight Committee.

In the face of such revelations, the head of the Republican Party of Georgia, David Shafer, assured that the workers “continued counting ballots in secret until 1 a.m.”

“The video footage from Georgia shows that poll workers were told to stop counting and leave, while four people stayed to continue counting the ballots in private,” described Trump’s campaign by sharing the video on his official Twitter account.

On election night, President Trump had nearly 40,000 votes over his Democratic rival Joe Biden in the state of Georgia.

However, after the authorities suddenly announced that they would stop the vote count until the next day and that the Republican observers would leave the premises, a few hours later the recount began again and by the time they made the next report, the results had reversed, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden was ahead of President Trump. 

It should be noted that this report was in addition to multiple claims of various irregularities such as the fact that Republican observers were not allowed to see the absentee voting process, numerous double voters, out-of-state voters, cases of intimidation of observers, vote changes, and the suspicious fact that 100% of Fulton’s military early voting was for Biden.

All of these allegations led Shafer to assert to President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, that the vote count in Georgia is no guarantee of anything at all, because much of the votes being counted are not legitimate.

On Twitter, Shafer criticized Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his team for not properly investigating these irregularities.

“They are busily ‘investigating’ whether or not Fulton County elections officials sent our monitors home on election night, as if that question is actually in dispute,” Shafer wrote Friday.

In that regard, he noted that Gabriel Sterling, an official in Raffensperger’s office, “has accepted Fulton County’s explanation that the Republican monitors and news media are to blame for believing the election officials who told them that they were shutting down, packed up the voting equipment, and started cleaning.”

Other people present at the counts in Georgia also said that they were inexplicably told to go home in the middle of the vote counts.

Election Director Susan Voyles, who was helping audit the ballots at Georgia’s World Congress Centers, said she was told to go home on Nov. 15 after counting only 60 ballots, even though workers at nearby tables had thousands to process.

“We offered to help on some larger piles that were still evident, and the officials present were adamant that they did not need any help,” Voyles said in an affidavit.

That same day, county officials told most of the ballot counters to go home around 9:10 a.m., said Maria Diedrich, an observer for the Trump campaign, in a sworn statement.

Worse, other observers claimed to have witnessed a fraud firsthand.

Carlos Silva, a Florida trial lawyer, said in an affidavit that he saw two vote counters in Dekalb County pull out a stack of ballots that had two distinct characteristics.

“One, I noticed that they all had a perfect black bubble and were all Biden select. I was able to observe the perfect bubble for a few minutes before they made me move away from the table. At no time did I speak to the poll workers or obstruct them in any way. I heard them go through the stack and call out Biden’s name over 500 times in a row,” he said.

He also said he witnessed something similar in Cobb County.

Nicholas Zeher, another observer, said he saw vote counters or others checking signatures as the ballots were counted. He also described seeing the ballots on a review table with marks only for Biden and no other candidates. And he saw a batch of ballots where Biden’s circle appeared to be a perfect black mark.

The affidavits were recorded in the Pearson v. Kemp lawsuit filed in Georgia.

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