Two Republicans from Georgia confirmed serious doubts about postal voting integrity after faking signatures multiple times and finding that none of them were rejected.

Georgia election officials are scrambling after Woodstock state representative Wes Cantrell and Cumming state Senator Greg Dolezal proved it was possible to commit voter fraud at the U.S. Senate runoff on Jan. 5.

Cantrell tested out the signature verification process by deliberately altering his signature on three different absentee ballot application forms and absentee ballot envelopes.

“I received notification that my ballot was accepted,” he said on Twitter. “Signature verification for mail-in ballots is a joke! Today confirmed it.”

The Republican revealed only one of three marks was his official signature.

“The top signature is my official one on file; the second is how I signed my application, the third is how I signed the ballot envelope,” he said. “We must fix this!”

Dolezal also produced similar results when he used his official signature on his ballot request form and left a messy scribble on the other documents. He believes “signature match does not exist.”

“We have not seen a signature flagged yet,” he said on Twitter. “Two match tests here, two system failures, this one on an actual ballot, more examples coming.”

Dolezal believes Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Voting System Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling, and others should stop suggesting the Peach State experienced no election fraud.

“This is not an anomaly,” he said. “Can we stop saying ‘no evidence?'”

The remarks came after Raffensperger disobeyed President Donald Trump’s direct order to overturn the Georgia leg of the November election result.

“We have to stand by our numbers. We believe our numbers are right,” Raffensperger said, according to a phone call recording leaked to The Washington Post.

Sterling became furious after learning President Trump would challenge the election outcome to the law’s maximum extent.

He did not wait for the Trump 2020 campaign’s lawsuit to run its course through the Peach State’s judicial system. He instead decided to declare Joe Biden will be president.

“Mr. President, it looks like you likely lost the state of Georgia,” he said in a video shared on YouTube.

Election officials told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Dolezal’s ballot was approved after discovering similarities between multiple signatures on file.

The Republican Party is still not satisfied with this explanation and now plans to introduce new laws to stop authorities from using signature matching methods to verify absentee ballots altogether. Republicans would prefer the verification process to use photo identification or an identification number.

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