Dominion’s technician who was in charge of scanning ballots in a Georgia county where thousands of votes for President Donald Trump were missing had previously worked on the campaign of Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

Aric Thompson is a representative of Dominion Voting Systems who was in charge of scanning the ballots in Floyd County, Georgia, during the 2020 presidential election vote count.

According to his profile on LinkedIn, Thompson worked on Harris’s 2019 presidential campaign as the official photographer.

The ballot counter even has an online portfolio showing photographs he took of then Democratic presidential candidate.

Thompson’s anti-Trump bias can be seen in several posts on social networks, where, for example, he describes the president as a “puppet” for “white supremacists.”

In his recent posts, he also questions the efforts of President Trump’s campaign legal team to expose evidence of election fraud.

What has now come to light is that Thompson was the technician representing the Dominion Voting Systems during the scanning of ballots in Floyd County, Georgia, where after a recount it was discovered that more than 3,000 votes had not been counted, most of which were for President Trump.

Such was the magnitude of the “irregularity” that the Floyd County Board of Elections voted to fire Chief Election Clerk Robert Brady.

“Confirmed Dominion Rep Aric Thompson, scanned ballots in with now fired Chief Elections Clerk Robert Brady, in Floyd County where over 3,000 votes (mostly for Trump) unexplainably went initially uncounted. Mr.Thompson previously worked for Senator Kamala Harris,” said journalist Heather Mullins, who is covering the vote-counting process in Georgia for Real America’s Voice News cable network on Nov. 29.

Aric Thompson (left) during the vote scan in Floyd County, Georgia. (Twitter / @TalkMullins - 29 nov.)
Aric Thompson (left) during the vote scan in Floyd County, Georgia. (Twitter / @TalkMullins – 29 nov.)

Also, in case there was any doubt about the link between Brady and Dominion’s representative Aric Thompson, Mullins shared the minutes of the official meeting that took place on Feb. 11 of this year when it is communicated: “Mr. Brady introduced Aric Thompson as our on-site technician from Dominion.”

The journalist highlighted the responsibility of Dominion’s technician in the irregularity that was detected days ago in Floyd, since he was one of the two men who scanned the ballots in the county.

Moreover, by the admission of Democratic Commissioner of the City of Rome Wendy Davis, and Republican President of Floyd County Luke Martin, there were no observers present at some scans.

In fact, photographs of Thompson scanning ballots with Brady himself have been passed around.

One of the images was taken by the Rome News Tribune the morning after Election Day, when the two were still scanning the ballots.

“How did someone that worked for Kamala Harris get a job for #Dominion scanning, tabulating, & adjudicating ballots (which she is on) in Floyd County, GA? Conflict of interest IMO,” Mullins questioned via Twitter.

It’s worth mentioning that when the scandal broke over the approximately 3,000 uncounted votes, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger blamed Floyd County election officials for the problem because they allegedly couldn’t load the votes from a memory card into a ballot-scanning machine. This, in light of these new reports, may not be true.

In fact, the vote count in Georgia in general has unleashed a series of media and political scandals following extensive evidence of irregularities verified during the process.

President Trump has urged Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to rescind Raffensperger’s certification of votes and ensure proper certification of signatures on absentee ballots. 

As reported by Fox News, Georgia Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, both involved in the January runoff election, endorsed President Trump’s demands for reliable signature verification and called for Raffensperger’s urgent resignation as the person responsible for the mishandling of the situation.

Also, one of the lawyers in charge of the complaints of electoral fraud in Georgia, Lin Wood, on Tuesday posted series of messages with a summons suing Raffensperger and the vice president of the Atlanta Hawks, Scott Wilkinson.

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