A failed Democratic presidential candidate indicated she is happy to keep people on government handouts until the deadly Asian disease finally passes.

Hillary Clinton has attacked the Oval Office for trying to push employers and their workers to fully reopen the economy as the nation learns to live with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

President Donald Trump had previously revealed his executive action to reduce the unemployment benefit to $400 a week would encourage more Americans to return to work and their employers to reopen their doors, instead of struggling to survive on welfare checks.

However, Clinton did not appear to be interested in helping people return to a more normal life and accused the president of targeting more than 16 million unemployment benefit recipients.

“There was something else, very significant, in what Trump did the other day: basically he signaled that he is going after social security and Medicare,” she told MSNBC’s “AM Joy” program. “Basically, he was talking about ending the financial contributions we all make into social security and Medicare through the payroll tax.”

Clinton suggested a Joe Biden administration would introduce a more socialist approach to leading the nation, where the government takes care of its people instead of allowing private enterprises to prosper in a minimally taxed and regulated environment.

“It is also meant to be a big diversion from the hard work Congress should be engaged in to provide the kind of relief that tens of millions of Americans need,” she said.

Clinton also admitted fellow Democratic leaders failed to respond quickly enough to the pandemic and then used the 5.1 million CCP Virus cases as an excuse for keeping the nation locked down indefinitely.

“Sadly, we did not take the steps for long enough to try to bend the [CCP Virus] curve except for a few places around the country, so we are still coping with it and we cannot act like it is back to normal,” she said. “We are still in the midst of this pandemic … people are still unemployed in great numbers, small businesses have been shuttered and are gasping for help, so the Congress needs to act.”

The president believes Clinton and her elected colleagues are not interested in restoring a normal way of life, rather simply want more federal funding to pay for the Democratic Party’s excessive government spending.

“[They are] only interested in bailout money for poorly run Democrat cities and states,” he said on Twitter. “[It has] nothing to do with China Virus! [They] want $1 trillion [with] no interest. We are going a different way.”

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