A former New York City mayor confirmed he would run for public office in the 2020 general election on Nov. 12.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg (D) submitted a last minute application to appear on the ballot in Arkansas’ presidential primary vote on March 3, 2020.

The paperwork was filed within just two hours of the deadline in Little Rock, and the candidate said the Democrats have to beat Donald Trump because he had failed to deliver in his first term in office. Bloomberg did not state exactly how the president had failed voters.

“Officially filed in Arkansas to be on the ballot for the Democratic primary,” Bloomberg said on Twitter. “We must defeat Trump. He has failed us at every turn.”

The Democratic Party of Arkansas (DPA) welcomed Bloomberg’s decision to run for public office and confirmed his application had been accepted.

“[I] can confirm [former] Mayor Mike Bloomberg will be on the Arkansas primary ballot for U.S. president,” DPA Communications Director Reed Brewer said on Twitter.

Bloomberg submitted the paperwork after he seemed critical of the 17 Democrat presidential candidates’ ability to defeat Trump at the 2020 presidential election. The Associated Press had predicted the newest presidential hopeful is likely to skip campaigning in the traditional early voting states and focus more on Super Tuesday states like Arkansas and Alabama.

He has already dismissed any suggestion that his candidacy could buy the election, and promises to pay for his campaign independently.

“I’m going to finance the campaign, if there is one, with my own money so I don’t owe anybody anything,” Bloomberg said according to the Associated Press. “Other people ask for donations in return for which they’ve got to give favors but it costs a lot of money, whether you’re doing it with your own money or somebody else’s money, to get a message out.”

He has chosen a difficult state to contest the election in since Arkansas was previously a Democratic stronghold in the South but more recently started increasingly leaning towards Republicans in the past decade.

Republicans hold all of Arkansas’ seats in Washington, its state offices and both chambers of the legislature. Lawmakers recently brought the state’s primary forward from May to attract more attention from presidential hopefuls.

If Bloomberg is unsuccessful in being nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate, he will still support whoever wins.

“That is a very easy thing to say yes, given who the Republican candidate is going to be,” Bloomberg said.

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