Democratic political strategist Damien Thaddeus Jones denounces a massive election fraud network in Harris County, Texas, overseen by Dallas Jones, who was the political director of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign in the state.

The photographic evidence and sworn statements further justify the claims made by President Donald Trump in defense of electoral transparency in the United States, according to the National File on Dec. 23. 

According to the investigations of 20 private lawyers, the Democrats used several captains, including Dallas Jones, in charge of dozens of paid vote collectors. Vote collection is a second-degree crime under the Texas Election Code.

In fact, Dallas Jones was questioned by the FBI and fired by the Biden campaign after being involved in an illegal vote-collecting operation, according to National File.

Harris County is considered the third largest county in the United States, with about 2.5 million voters, hence the crucial impact of the election results in Harris County and on the results nationwide. Its leaders are predominantly Democrats. 

In the following audio Thaddeus Jones explains his interactions with Dallas Jones. 

Among the fraudulent resources used to obtain votes for Biden, the hired collectors gathered the ballots to be mailed from nursing homes, homeless shelters, or door-to-door in poor neighborhoods, often dressed as census workers. 

Simultaneously they offered $50 gift cards in front of stores asking people to take the mail-in ballots, purchased from voters in the groups mentioned above, to be signed and mailed from a local post office. 

As part of the criminal procedure, the mail ballots were stored in various places where people forged signatures.

It was also reported that a judge and Houston precinct personnel used numerous driver’s licenses in their possession to allow people to vote illegally at a car-operated voting booth created by the CCP Virus (coronavirus) pandemic.

A 30-plus year veteran, Texas peace officer and volunteer poll watcher for candidate Andre Hines, Raymond T. Stewart, testified about this crime. 

“I observed several oddities but the most concerning was a table in-between the sign-in tables One and Three. At that table was a large stack of Texas Driver’s Licenses. Staff would come inside from the drive-through voting booth and scan a driver’s license from someone outside and get a ticket and return outside,” Stewart said.

The evidence was presented to local prosecutor Kim Ogg, who received political funding from Soros-funded organizations in her 2018 election.

The list of frauds discovered by investigators is even longer. Detective Charles F. Marler, includes the following in his statement, “Another witness stated to me that an employee of Commission Ellis, Tyler James, has bragged that he could guarantee that the illegal ballot harvesting operation, with the help of mass mail-in ballots, could harvest 700,000 illegal ballots,” cited National file. 

President Trump informed Americans on Dec. 22, about the efforts he and his campaign team are making to challenge the results of the 2020 election. 

Despite the overwhelming number of electoral crimes committed, the level of confidence about achieving re-election is very high, and there is confidence that legal remedies will be addressed in a timely manner, respecting the electoral will of citizens.

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