In an interview on Sunday, Dec. 6, with Maria Bartiromo of Fox News, the director of national intelligence, John Lee Ratcliffe, referred to the performance of the federal investigative agency amidst the allegations of election fraud being made by the president’s legal team and said that the FBI needs to ‘provide more visibility’ regarding what they are doing.

After video footage emerged last week from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, showing two employees taking suitcases of ballots out to be counted after the Republican poll watchers were sent home, doubts about whether or not fraud occurred were cleared up.

“Does anybody believe the FBI is actually going to bring these people in to question them to find out what they were doing with the suitcases of ballots? Do you think so?” Fox News’s Bartiromo asked Ratcliffe.

“They ought to provide more visibility to the American people about that because there’s so many questions and folks like you, Maria, that don’t see that that’s happening. They deserve an explanation to know that those types of investigations are taking place,” Ratcliffe responded.

President Trump’s lawyer and former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, said on Fox News that after presenting the video as evidence of electoral fraud, he expected a much stronger reaction from the media and the people involved. However, the mainstream media chose to censor and cover up the evidence of fraud and ‘Republican’ officials decided to deny the allegations.

“Part of it is biased, part of it is corruption, part of it is laziness, part of it is inexplicable,” said Giuliani about media cover up. “How can you say this is not supported? When there are now tape after tape after tape … there are tapes of those same women taking out USB drives and getting information out those machines illegally.”

When Bartiromo told Giuliani how easy it would be for the FBI to simply question these individuals and open an investigation into what happened in Georgia, the lawyer said that the FBI “is nowhere to be found.”

Georgia state officials said the video does not prove fraud and that what they see is the ‘normal count’ of votes, but the fact that these employees asked Republican poll watchers to go home, claiming that the count will continue the next day, in itself raises serious doubts about these employees’ intentions to count votes without any supervision.

Gabriel Sterling, manager of Georgia’s Voting System Implementation said, “The 90 second video of election workers at State Farm Arena, purporting to show fraud was watched in its entirety (hours) by @GaSecofState investigators, Shows normal ballot processing.”

However, beyond the opinions of these officials, Giuliani explained that the real power to decide the election lies not with them but with state legislators.

“You are the final arbiter of who the electors should be and whether the process is fair or not,” Giuliani said to Georgia legislators. “The other way to look at it is, it’s your responsibility if a false and fraudulent count is submitted to the United States government. And it’s clear the count you have right now is false.”

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