Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s presidential campaign officials are increasingly concerned about the low turnout of minority black and Latino voters in battleground states such as Florida and Pennsylvania in the run-up to the Nov. 3 election.

Bloomberg News reported that despite record early voting, the picture is not favorable for Biden. In states like Arizona two-thirds of Latino voters have yet to cast their ballots, while in Florida half of black and Latino voters have not voted either.

While the database driven Democratic firm Catalist reported that more than half of white voters have cast ballots, in Pennsylvania, nearly 75% of registered black voters have not yet voted.

Early voting records also show that there is an increase in white voters without a college education who largely support President Donald Trump, compared to voters of color who allegedly overwhelmingly support Biden.

In Florida, Republicans currently have a 9.4 percent voter turnout advantage in Miami-Dade County, and analysts said it will be a challenge for Biden to have a significant margin of victory.

According to Politico, no Democrat can win in Florida without a large turnout and large profit margins to compensate for losses in other parts of the state and an area of concern for Democrats is the proportion of votes cast for young voters of color and less reliable Democratic voters.

Much of the problem lies in the efforts invested in launching the community engagement operation.

We didn’t get the kind of funding for different providers that would do that kind of work until the end of the campaign,” said Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.).

During a talk with CNN’s David Chalian, CNN’s New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota described the Democrats’ concerns about voting in Florida. “The one place that may defy your math and logic, David, is Miami-Dade County in Florida.”

According to pollster Quinnipiac, in the state of Florida just three weeks ago it gave Biden an 11-point lead, but according to the latest poll, Biden lost 6 points, leaving him with a 3-point lead, while President Trump gained 2 points.

As The Federalist pointed out, the latest Quinnipiac polls in Florida in 2018 showed that Democrats won the Senate and gubernatorial elections by a 7-point margin.

However, Susquehanna’s latest poll also shows a drop for Joe Biden. While the pollster had him up by 3 points in late September, his most recent poll has President Trump in the lead by 4 points.

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