Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden started his Election Day by going to a church and visiting the graves of family members as U.S. voters are heading to the polls to cast ballots on Tuesday, Nov. 3. 

Biden, together with his wife, Jill Biden, and two of his granddaughters, entered St. Joseph on the Brandywine Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delaware, at 7:10 a.m. and left the historic Roman Catholic church after a 17-minute visit, Politico reported.

His family members then walked across the street to the cemetery where Joe Biden’s son, Beau, his first wife, and daughter are buried. Beau Biden died in 2015 due to brain cancer, while Biden’s first wife and daughter were killed in a car crash in 1972.

Later on Tuesday, Biden plans to visit Pennsylvania, making a stop in Scranton, where he was born, and then in Philadelphia, where he has based his campaign headquarters.

After his events, Biden will return to Wilmington to spend election night with his wife, his running mate Kamala Harris and Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, and a small cadre of supporters. He is scheduled to deliver his election night remarks there.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is scheduled to stay in Washington on Election Day after holding 14 rallies in the last three days.

On Tuesday morning, he called in to “Fox & Friends” for an interview in which he said that he has historic enthusiasm for re-election and predicted a greater victory over Biden than his historic upset in 2016 over Hillary Clinton.

President Trump said that he expects to win more than 306 Electoral College votes received in 2016.

“My number last time was 306,” he said. “That was a good number. 223-306, and that was a big number, and I think we will top it. I’ll leave it at that. I think we’ll get better.”

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