A popular civil rights attorney and talk radio host urged elected representatives, who respect and obey the rules of society, to consider ending their political affiliation with the Democratic Party.

Leo Terrell has invited members of Congress to consider quitting the Democratic Party because the political group is incapable of maintaining law and order.

“Democrats please leave the party,” he told Fox News’s “Hannity.” He said, “If you want law and order you cannot get it from the Democrats … you have to leave the Democratic Party–get out of there, do not let the Democratic Party trick you, please.”

The civil rights attorney revealed he has long disassociated himself from the party because he was fed up with the “Democratic Kool-Aid” of more noble values than there really were. He gave the example of former Sen. Richard Russell (D-Ga.) who opposed integrating African Americans into society and introducing steps to prevent executions without a proper trial.

“He was opposed to anti-lynching bills,” he said. “This is what bothers me about this whole thing, that the Democrats, just because of the ‘D’ in their name, they can be a racist … I cannot take this hypocrisy anymore, it is ridiculous.”

Terrell was also upset about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s controversial remark to Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God that he “ain’t black” if he votes for President Donald Trump.

“That statement by Joe Biden is so offensive and then you get [film director] Spike Lee out there and saying, ‘It’s okay,’  that is offensive,” he said. “If any Republican said the same thing they would be in trouble, big trouble.”

He believes there is no need for Biden or other Democrats to spread the party’s hate speech and suggested they should  instead focus on delivering real regulatory change.

“The bottom line is this: I do not need the Democrats to insult me or try to placate me with African garb, [Democratic House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi,” he said. “Pass some laws, pass some reforms, show me something other than some kind of condescending act just because you are a Democrat. That does not follow anymore.”

He also revealed he refuses to vote for Biden at the upcoming general election on Nov. 3

“I am not voting for Joe Biden, I am not voting for Joe Biden,” he said. “If he puts [Democratic California Sen.] Kamala Harris on [as vice president,] I will vote for Donald Trump.”

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