The Gateaway Pundit received several reports from its sources at polling stations, ranging from violence against Republican poll watchers to vehicles that arrived in the early morning to leave bags of ballots suspiciously all for the Democratic candidate.

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, President Trump addressed the American people in light of these delays in the elections, “This is a fraud on the American public. We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we won this election. This is a major fraud on the election. So we will be going to the U.S. Supreme Court. We want all of the voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at 4 in the morning. We will win this and as far as I am concerned we already won!”

But President Trump’s nightmare has come true. When President Trump led Michigan by over 300,000 ballots and Wisconsin by 210,000 and the count “stopped” overnight, suddenly 300,000 ballots all appeared out of nowhere for Joe Biden.

The graph, explained by Derek Duck, shows how Joe Biden’s blue line was vertical until the moment they “injected” 300,000 ballots between the two states.

200,000 ballots for Biden in Michigan in one fell swoop

According to sources at the Gateaway Pundit, on the night of Nov. 3 at TCF Convention Center where ballots are being counted in Detroit, Wayne County, a Ferrari, a van, and a Chrysler 300 car were parked on the site which has large garages. All had out-of-state plates.

The people who run the polls there say there’s no chance of Trump winning there, anyone could win there but Trump.

The anonymous source says that some people managed to take pictures of the Ferrari and the van, but not of the Chrysler 300.

The vehicles were parked at the back so no one could take pictures of their plates, because in Michigan the cars don’t have front plates.

Also, they are counting the military ballots only now, about 7000.

Every military vote has to be duplicated, that is, rewritten. The source said he doesn’t know why, but it’s worrying.

Poll watchers threatened in Detroit

Because of the suspicious activities, several Republican poll watchers were called to Detroit.

According to the accounts of some of these poll watchers, the environment towards them is hostile. A Democratic operative called the police in to intimidate an innocent young Republican challenger. They are trying to intimidate all the Republican candidates here.

Out of nowhere, 35,000 ballots turned up last night. The place has a lot of doors and there are more than 1000 people working. Anyone can walk in there with a box of ballots and no one would notice. The media is all waiting to declare Joe Biden the winner.

They formed a line and went to the back of the room to count the ballots; the process of counting can barely be seen.

Wisconsin, more than 100,000 ballots appear overnight, all for Biden

Twitter user Derek Duck showed the graph of the Wisconsin ballots where Trump was leading by 210,000 to Biden and suddenly in the evening, 100,000 all “showed up” for Biden.

Following the logic of voting in the state that was led by Trump, if 100,000 real ballots came in, a large percentage would have to be for the president.

Milwaukee was supposed to report its figures at 1 a.m. Then he was delayed until 2 a.m. and then until 3 a.m. After 3:30 a.m. Joe Biden appears leading by 4.1 points.

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