A Democrat from Tennessee was found to be promoting what appeared to be racist views about a Republican senator’s skin tone.

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) has been caught liking what appeared to be a Democrat supporter’s social media rant about Sen. Tim Scott (R-N.C.) being the president’s “black friend.”

“He might as well be [white,]” Carla Hurst-Chandler said in the now-deleted Twitter post. “He is [Donald] Trump’s new black friend since he killed the last one with COVID [CCP Virus.]”

Hurst-Chandler made the remarks after Cohen criticized Scott for openly supporting the president’s tilt for another four years in the Oval Office at the Republican National Convention.

“The Republican convention is a mirror of the Trump base: white and, as he likes to say, ‘the poorly educated,'” the Cohen said earlier on Twitter.

A different screenshot obtained by Fox News clearly shows Cohen liking the contents of Hurst-Chandler’s post.

After Fox questioned Cohen about his online interactions, his office completely removed both the like and social media post, and declined to comment.

Scott expressed deep disappointment with the Democrats for using party politics to discriminate against his race. He was also unhappy about Cohen’s failure to apologize or at least admit fault on his part.

“It is disheartening to see some of my Democratic colleagues box me in because of the color of my skin,” Scott said on Facebook.

He believes all sides of Congress must stop classifying individuals based on their race and accept all residents as Americans regardless of color.

“Narrow-minded politicians will not move this country forward nor help the American people,” he said. “We must all take the high road, find places of middle ground, and work to ensure every citizen has opportunities to succeed.”

The Trump 2020 campaign believes Cohen’s behavior was a classic example of the Democratic Party’s real stance toward African Americans. For example, presidential candidate Joe Biden previously supported a crime bill that would “put millions of Black Americans behind bars” back in 1994.

“Joe Biden said black Americans who do not automatically support him are not actually black, and his fellow Democrats are proving he meant what he said,” Trump campaigner Ken Farnaso told Fox News. “These racist attacks against Americans of color who refuse to think and vote the way the Democrat Party demands are disgusting. No wonder so many of them are finding a new home in President Trump’s welcoming and diverse Republican Party.”

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