A controversial Democrat from New York raised eyebrows after appearing to show poor sportsmanship after a political rival was replaced on June 2.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bid an awkward farewell to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) who lost the Iowa Primary election to fellow Republican candidate Randy Feenstra.

“Goodbye Rep. Steve King,” she said on Twitter. “You are certainly not the only white supremacist in federal government but you were among the most prominent.”

Ocasio-Cortez then further insulted King, who spent 17 years serving the nation in Congress, by suggesting the Republican Party should have unendorsed him long ago for continuing to hold onto his Christian conservative views.

“It is a shame Republicans held you up as long as they did,” she said. “See ya.”

King chose not to respond to the barbed words and instead phoned the successful candidate to congratulate and offer him some friendly advice.

“I called Randy Feenstra a while ago and conceded the race to him, and I pointed out there are some powerful elements in the swamp that he is going to have an awfully hard time pushing back against them,” he said in a video shared on Facebook. “I do not know that he or anybody has the idea of how powerful they actually are.”

King revealed none of the candidates for the Hawkeye State’s 4th Congressional District could fault his values and work for the nation. He considered this bipartisanship to be a significant accomplishment.

“Of all of the four opponents that I had in this race, not one of them has raised an issue with a single vote I put up or a single statement that I have made, and that is pretty interesting when you think about nearly 18 years in the United States Congress that no one has disagreed with the positions that I have taken,” he said. “Neither do I have any accusers.”

He believes the nation needs to preserve its founding values, especially amid the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus downturn and “anarchists” who repeatedly undermine the “spirit of America.”

“In the end we have our values that we care about and let us make sure that we teach our children well and these values of life and of marriage and free enterprise, the constitutional foundations, efforts to refurbish the pillars of American exceptionalism must go on,” he said. “I [will] pick that up again tomorrow morning when the sun comes up.”

King warned other Republicans to be vigilant and resist any effort to silence the voices of “full spectrum Christian conservatism.”

“What I regret is these tactics may next be used against the next most effective, then the next, then the next,” he said.

President Donald Trump, who expressed “great respect” for King back in 2015, welcomed the congressman’s successor.

“Congratulations to Randy Feenstra on your big win in the Iowa Republican primary,” he said on Twitter. “You will be a great congressman.”

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