The Democrat running for the Oval Office is as deceitful and thieving as he was more than three decades ago, the president’s eldest son said.

Donald Trump Jr. has shared videos from Joe Biden’s previous election campaigns that caught the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate repeatedly giving false and plagiarized statements.

The footage showed a more youthful Biden delivering a campaign speech at the 1988 Iowa State Fair that appeared to borrow multiple sentences from the British Labour Party leader at the time, Neil Kinnock.

“Why is it that my wife sitting out there in the audience is the first in her family to ever go to college?” Biden can be heard saying on the Media Research Center’s “NewsBusters” program.
A few moments later in the 1987 video Kinnock said about his wife, “Why is Glenys the first woman in her family in 1,000 generations to be able to get to university?”

The Democrat then claimed his ancestors worked underground in northeast Pennsylvanian coal mines and did not return to the surface for 12 hours had then gone to play football. “Eight hours underground and then come up and play football,” Kinnock said.

Biden concluded that the Republicans do not have a “platform on which to stand.” “There is no platform on which they could stand,” Kinnock said.

A separate instance shows Biden during the New Hampshire leg of his campaign. He told voters he attended law school on a full academic scholarship, finished in the top half of his class, was named “outstanding student of political science” at the end of his studies, and graduated with three degrees.

However, Newsweek found he only had one degree, his grades ranked just 76 out of 85 at Syracuse University College of Law, and he was never named outstanding political science student. He was even accused of plagiarizing five pages without proper citation in his academic paper.

Biden admitted to wrongdoing and that his behavior was empty-headed. “I have done some dumb things,” he said. “I will do dumb things again.”

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs was shocked after watching the footage and suggested that viewers vote for President Donald Trump at the general election on Nov. 3.

“Incredible what Biden has gotten away with,” he said on Twitter. “Make America Great Again, America first.”

Trump Jr. believes the Democrat has lost credibility and cannot be trusted even though many years have passed.

“Joe Biden’s record of plagiarism goes back decades,” he said on Twitter. “Today, he is the same dishonest, plagiarist he was 33 years ago.”

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