The Democrat running for the Oval Office would like American children more exposed to Muslim values.

Joe Biden longs for more U.S. classrooms to spread the teachings of Muhammad. He suggested a Biden administration would prioritize adding Islamic studies to the kindergarten to grade 12 curriculum.

“One of the things that I think is important is I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith,” he told Emgage Action’s Million Muslim Votes Summit. “I wish we talked about all the great confessional faiths–it is one of the great confessional faiths.”

The presidential candidate revealed he loves spending his free time studying the nature of God and religious beliefs. “What people do not realize is one of my avocations is theology,” he said. “We all come from the same root here in terms of our fundamental basic beliefs.”

He even quoted a Hadith from the prophet Muhammed about speaking out against injustice and standing up for what is right. “Whomever among you sees wrong, let him change it with his hand,” he said. “If he is not able, then with his tongue. If he is not able, then with his heart.”

The U.S. Constitution forbids public schools from holding prayer ceremonies or promoting specific religious beliefs. Secular educational programs may teach tolerance and respect of different religions from a historical, cultural, literary, and social development perspective.

“When discussing religion in this context, religion must be discussed in a neutral, objective, balanced, and factual manner,” the Anti-Defamation League website said. “Such programs should educate students about the principle of religious liberty as one of the fundamental elements of freedom and democracy in the United States.”

Biden was previously criticized for supporting two voter referendums that asked for additional federal funding for two school districts in Wisconsin. He revealed the $1 billion promised for Milwaukee and $87 million pledged for Racine would be paid through tax hikes, despite the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus pandemic.

“Only Joe Biden could look at the coronavirus crisis and say, ‘You know what this situation needs? A tax increase,'” Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement.

The funds would be used to pay for renovating and building new facilities in the Racine school district and staff, programming, and other operational expenses across Milwaukee.

However, Parscale warned any new tax would only create a further financial burden on struggling businesses, many of which have laid off employees, and families that have joined the ever-growing line outside of the Department of Labor.