A Democrat who is running to become the next president seemed to experience a memory lapse during an on-camera interview.

Joe Biden has been recorded on video accusing the incumbent president of being the only politician trying to cut federal funding to law enforcement agencies.

“The only person calling to defund the police is Donald Trump,” he said in a video shared on Air.TV. “Look at his budget, he calls for cutting police funding for local—state and local help—by $400 million. Once again, he is pathological.”

The Democratic presidential candidate appeared to forget the president leads the federal government and is not responsible for making state or municipal funding decisions. Biden also seemed to omit that the Trump administration has repeatedly called for better resourced and funded police departments in New York, Oregon, and other Democrat-controlled states.

“[The] police chief, and most of the police in Rochester, New York, have resigned,” the president said on Twitter. “The Democrat mayor and, of courses, Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo, have no idea what to do. New York state is a mess—no money, high taxes, and crime, everyone [is] fleeing. [This election on] Nov. 3. we can fix it.”

The Oval Office backed this view by pointing out the Democratic Party sympathizes with extreme anarchist protesters who loot businesses and vandalize both religious and historical monuments in the name of racial equality.

“They are not ‘peaceful protesters,’ as ‘Sleepy’ Joe and the Democrats call them, they are thugs and it is all taking place in Democrat run cities,” the president said on Twitter. “Call me and request federal help, we will solve your problems in a matter of minutes—and thanks to the U.S. Marshalls in Portland.”

Biden even tried to take credit for what the incumbent had achieved in the past four years in public office.

“I not only do not want to defund the police, I am the one calling for $300 million more for local police [and] for community policing,” he said. “I also think we should add social workers and psychologists to help police on 911 calls.”

However, the Oval Office is very concerned that a Biden administration would have a devastating impact on society and housing affordability if the Democrats win the upcoming election on Nov. 3.

“Sleepy Joe Biden has pledged to ABOLISH Suburban Communities as they currently exist by reinstating [Barack] Obama’s radical AFFH [Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing] Regulation,” the president said on Twitter. “There goes suburbia.”

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