An online session between voters and the Democratic Party’s lead contender for presidency was forced to end early after multiple setbacks on March 13.

Joe Biden had to cut his livestreamed Illinois Town Hall meeting short after suffering several technical problems that prevented voters from being heard.

The Democratic presidential candidate had to wait for several seconds before one of many voters could finally be heard.

“We are going to take a question now from Maureen Jenkins,” the moderator can be heard saying on the video posted to Facebook. “Maureen you are unmuted, Maureen?”

After nearly 15 seconds of silence Biden also tried to prompt the voter to ask her question.

“Maureen, are you there?” he said.

However, there continued to be silence for nearly 30 seconds and the moderator decided to invite one final question about the environment before ending the town hall meeting after starting just five minutes earlier.

“We are going to take one more question from Marie Perkins,” the moderator said. “Marie we are going to make you unmuted right now.”

Perkins called Biden “Mr. President” even though the outcome of the general election has still not been decided, and asked whether the candidate supported the Endangered Species Act and if he would ban animals from being hunted and imported to be sold as trophies in the United States.

“Yes and yes,” Biden said to which Perkins responded by declaring her “love” to him. “One of the things I did early in my career as a U.S. senator was I was one of the sponsors of the Endangered Species Act, and one of the other things we had done in the state of Delaware for example we set up a coastal zone legislation, which means they cannot build any factories or anything within one mile of the estuary of the Delaware River or the Atlantic Ocean.”

While answering the question he could be seen walking off the screen and not looking into the web camera. After Biden was finished answering the question, the moderator admitted the town hall did not run as smoothly as expected and referred other voters, who did not have a chance to ask a question, to visit Biden’s campaign website.

“Thank you to everybody who joined and we do apologize for the technical difficulties that we had,” the moderator said. “Remember that Election Day is March 17 and, if you want to find out more information about voting, please go to or text [message] 30330. Thank you everyone and have a great night.”