A television commercial endorsed by the Democratic Party’s front-runner for the Oval Office allegedly misled voters through manipulating speeches the president made, a major daily newspaper has found.

The Washington Post has accused Joe Biden’s latest campaign advertisement of heavily editing President Donald Trump’s speeches to tarnish the incumbent’s reputation for political gain.

The paper examined the 75-second ad, which begins with the Democratic presidential candidate saying he will be “damned” if he loses his country to the incumbent. After this the president is shown making several unpopular remarks, including one reference to the Chinese coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Coronavirus, this is their new hoax,” the incumbent can be heard saying on the video uploaded to Biden’s Twitter page.

However, there is a major omission from the president’s full speech at the Feb. 28 re-election rally in North Charleston, S.C. The transcript shows the incumbent was speaking about the impeachment inquiry before he mentioned the new hoax.

“Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. You know that, right? Coronavirus,” the president said according to the paper. “They tried the impeachment hoax. That was on a perfect conversation. They tried anything, they tried it over and over, they’ve been doing it since he got in. It is all turning, they lost. It is all turning, think of it, think of it. And this is their new hoax.”

Another unfavorable scene follows with a photo of the incumbent hugging the national flag and narrating over the top the “American Dream is dead.”

The audio appeared to be sourced from the president’s 2015 announcement that he would run for the Oval Office, where he promised to make America great again.

“The American dream is dead,” he said according to Fox News. “If I get elected president, I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before, and we will make America great again.”

The alleged manipulation of the incumbent’s speeches prompted the paper to award Biden’s campaign team four Pinocchios, representing the Walt Disney Company classic about a wooden boy whose nose grew longer when telling a lie.

“This is a clear example of deceptive editing, specifically what we label ‘omission,'” the paper said. “It edits out large portions of a video but still presents it as a complete narrative. This effectively skews reality and leaves the viewer to wonder what or who related to coronavirus is, in fact, a hoax.”

The Republican Party believes the ad is just another example of Biden’s “repeated gaffes.”

“Biden’s penchant for lying and politicizing President Trump’s response to coronavirus is a pattern,” GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest said according to the broadcaster. “Nevertheless, while Biden keeps smearing President Trump, the Trump administration is continuing to take aggressive action with their coronavirus response.”

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