A Democrat who wants to become the next president appears to have exaggerated about attending Mass at an African American church in Delaware.

Joe Biden allegedly spread false and misleading statements about regularly attending the Union Baptist Church in Wilmington, 29 miles southwest of Philadelphia.

The Democratic presidential nominee claimed he joined the civil rights movement and spent a lot of his free time organizing anti-segregation protests at the church back when he was a teenager in the early 1960s.

“I got raised in the black church,” Biden said in a 2019 speech to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH coalition according to the Washington Free Beacon. “We would go sit in Rev. [Otis] Herring’s church, sit there before we would go out and try to change things, when I was a kid in college and in high school.”

However, none of the key members from the church actually remembered seeing Biden or any evidence that verifies the authenticity of his story. Only the Rev. Herring’s assistant recalled meeting the Democrat much later as an adult.

“No, not at our building, I think he was probably in Claymont, [Delaware or] in Pennsylvania then,” assistant Phyllis Drummond said according to the Daily Wire.

Former church day care center leader Juanita Matthew also could not remember meeting with Biden during his teenage years. She believed Biden only became a “great friend of the church and the pastor” after the then-senator-elect lost his wife and daughter in a fatal car accident during 1972, according to the publication.

Fifteen years later Biden finally admitted that he “was not an activist,” and his most noteworthy participation in the civil rights movement was working for a swimming pool that was mostly attended by African Americans back when he was a child in 1962.

When reporters questioned Biden’s claim in 1987 that he marched in the civil rights movement, he acknowledged that he “wasn’t an activist” and that his most significant experience with civil rights as a youth was when he worked at a majority-black swimming pool as a sophomore college student in 1962.

Biden was recently accused of misleading voters about the Trump administration’s efforts to contain the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus. His campaign video showed President Donald Trump in front of golf carts, waving, and playing a game of golf in May at the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, 30 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.

A column graph appeared on video, showing the CCP Virus death toll rapidly climb while the president repeatedly swings his golf club.

“The death toll is still rising,” the video caption said on Twitter. “The president is playing golf.”

However, President Trump revealed he has not played golf for months and the video in question was definitely not recorded in May.

“‘Sleepy’ Joe’s representatives have just put out an ad saying that I went to play golf,” he said on Twitter. “They think I should stay in the White House at all times. What they did not say is that it is the first time I have played golf in almost three months.”

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