Billionaire Mike Bloomberg invested more than $100 million in the key states of Florida, Ohio, and Texas seeking the victory of his Democratic candidate Joe Biden. But despite the efforts, President Trump, with much more austere spending, was victorious in all three states. 

Even in the final days of the campaign, Bloomberg was willing to spend millions on his super PAC Independence USA, allocating $3.7 million in television ads to build support for Biden in several major Ohio cities, including Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, and Youngstown.

The same PAC also spent more than $36 million in Florida between September and November alone and $6.9 million in ads that aired in Texas, Fox News reported.

The money from former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg was used mainly to finance anti-Trump and pro-Biden television ads, initially in Florida, but later in the other two swing states as well.

Its resources were largely focused on helping to boost black and Latino participation. 

Among the millionaire’s most criticized actions was his investment in bailing out nearly 32,000 offenders, mostly black and Latino, to enable them to exercise their vote.

The effort to register Florida’s criminals came two years after the state passed an amendment restoring voting rights to offenders. The only barrier for these offenders to resume their voting status was being debt-free from fines and legal fees. 

As Bles reported last month, billionaire Mike Bloomberg would have spent more than $16 million to pay fines and fees for nearly 32,000 convicted criminals in Florida. The goal of the businessman and Democratic politician is for these people, blacks and Latinos, to vote for Biden in the Nov. 3 presidential election.

The Washington Post published a report generated by Bloomberg’s advisers that explicitly stated, “We have identified a significant voting share that requires a nominal investment,” referring to the African American and Latino population that has served a sentence and cannot exercise their vote because they are not current with their debts. By taking it as an “investment,” he assumed that the monetary effort will be rewarded with votes. 

The state of Florida, which has 29 electoral votes, plays a crucial role in the elections being contested by President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Four years ago, then-candidate Donald Trump beat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by a narrow margin in Florida. That’s why Biden’s campaign and Democratic leaders have invested huge amounts of money in the southeastern state. Despite the enormous sums invested, the people elected President Donald Trump.

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