According to the vote count so far, support for President Trump among the Black and Latino communities, far from declining as predicted by the opposition polls, increased considerably with respect to the 2016 elections.

According to election reports reported by The Associated Press (AP) and analyzed by Fox News, President Trump gained 8% support among Black voters, up from 6% in 2016. And among Latino voters the increase was about 7 percentage points, from 28% of votes obtained in 2016, to over 35%.

Latino and black voters are historically a captive vote for any Democratic candidate, yet President Trump, despite all the lies that legacy media produced about his allegedly unfounded racist policies, far from decreasing the number of voters, increased.

During the months of the pandemic, and since the death of George Floyd in police custody, racial protests increased exponentially, bringing with them an unprecedented wave of violence throughout the country. 

The Democrats, led by presidential candidate Joe Biden, sought to install the discourse that anyone who is against racial violence could not under any circumstances support President Donald Trump. Arguing, without foundation, that Trump defends the attacks perpetrated by white supremacists and racists against racial minorities, something the president never said. 

Despite the efforts of his opponents, President Trump managed to narrow the gap between Latino and Black supporters of the Democrats, achieving a significant increase in votes for him.

The changes are not by chance; the Trump administration has truly delivered on its past promises to ethnic minorities and focused special attention on hearing their demands. 

President Trump was able to reach out to the Latino community, through his consistent condemnation of socialist and communist policies, with many U.S. Latinos born in countries suffering from the violence, corruption, and poverty of communist regimes such as Castro in Cuba and Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela. 

At a recent campaign event for Vice President Pence in Florida, he reminded those present of President Trump’s anti-socialist record, in an effort to rally support from Latino voters. 

“When Joe Biden was vice president, the United States appeased Castro’s regime with concession after concession,” Pence said as reported by AP, and also noted that Obama “literally stood by Raul Castro,” causing booing from the audience. “President Trump ended eight years of appeasement, and President Donald Trump will be holding hands with you.”

In an official White House statement issued in July, President Donald Trump again expressed his strong rejection of socialism in Latin America. He was emphatic in stating, “The Venezuelan people are suffering under an illegitimate and tyrannical regime intent on destroying democratic institutions, abusing human rights, engaging in rampant corruption, and exploiting the worst economic and humanitarian crisis in recent history.”

In addition, the unprecedented economic boom generated by the policies implemented during the last few years until the outbreak of the CCP Virus pandemic, achieved record levels of employment in both the Black and Latino communities.

The U.S. Census Bureau announced in a recent report that since 2016, economic policies aimed at the welfare of the most disadvantaged have lifted 1.2 million black Americans out of poverty, the largest reduction recorded in the first three years of any presidency.

The Trump administration during its 2020 campaign announced the development of the Platinum Plan, which includes promises to brand the KKK and antifa as terrorist organizations, increase security in predominantly African American neighborhoods, and create 3 million jobs for the black community by strengthening Trump’s immigration policies to protect American jobs, among other things. Nearly $500 billion was pledged for the plan’s policies.

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