A controversial Democrat who is running for the Oval Office used election campaign advertising to spread misinformation about the nation’s response to the deadly Asian pandemic, the president said.

Joe Biden has been accused of misleading voters about the Trump administration’s efforts to contain the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

The Democratic presidential candidate recently shared a campaign video with footage from California dated May 23, 2020. President Donald Trump can be seen in front of golf carts, waving, and playing a game of golf at the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, 30 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.

A column graph appears on video, showing the CCP Virus death toll rapidly climb to 96,000 while the president repeatedly swings his golf club.

“Nearly 100,000 Americans have died,” the video caption said on Twitter. “The death toll is still rising. The president is playing golf.”

Biden commented on the video and appeared to suggest the incumbent was too busy enjoying himself to prevent more Americans from dying from the CCP Virus and coming off the welfare benefit.

“Nearly 100,000 lives have been lost, and tens of millions are out of work,” he said. “Meanwhile, the president spent his day golfing.”

However, President Trump revealed he has not played golf for months and the video in question was definitely not recorded on May 23.

“‘Sleepy’ Joe’s representatives have just put out an ad saying that I went to play golf (exercise) today,” he said on Twitter. “They think I should stay in the White House at all times. What they did not say is that it is the first time I have played golf in almost three months.”

The president accused Biden of taking much more time off work to pursue multiple vacations and business opportunities.

“Biden was constantly vacationing, relaxing, and making shady deals with other countries,” he said on Twitter. “[Former president] Barack [Obama] was always playing golf, doing much of his traveling in a fume spewing 747 to play golf in Hawaii–once even teeing off immediately after announcing the gruesome death of a great young man by ISIS.”

The Democrat defended his campaign video and movements by promising to go on fewer vacations, if he wins the upcoming general election on Nov. 3.

“The presidency is about a lot more than tweeting from your golf cart,” he said on Twitter. “It requires taking on the ultimate responsibility for the biggest decisions in the world. Donald Trump simply was not prepared for that. I promise you I will be.”

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