Law enforcement officials are searching for clues that might stop vandals who keep burning down Trump 2020 campaign signage in California.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) wants to question anybody who might be able to identify arsonists suspected of torching a large hay stack on Oct. 10 in Dinuba, 196 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

The hay stack was decorated with political advertising that supported re-electing Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and President Donald Trump at the upcoming election on Nov. 3.

“Just before 10 last night, TCSO deputies and Tulare County Fire [Department officers] were called to the area of Road 80 and Ave 384 in Dinuba for a fire,” TCSO said on Facebook. “Investigators arrived on scene and discovered a large hay stack with numerous campaign signs for Devin Nunes and President Donald Trump on fire.”

Officers investigating the incident are treating the fire as suspicious and premeditated.

“Detectives found evidence indicating the fire was started on purpose,” TCSO said. “This is the second fire at this location in less than two weeks—both are believed to be arson.”

Nunes suspects left-leaning activists may be involved since one of his signs encouraged voters to “say no to socialism.”

“This what the Socialist/Dems do when they are losing,” he said on Twitter.

“Farmer put a big Devin Nunes banner on a hay stack … haters decided to set it on fire,” he added on Twitter.

Nunes encouraged concerned citizens to share his social media post to help track down the repeat offenders.

“Farmers rebuilt and the Democrat and socialist rioters once again brought the violence right here to the valley by burning it down again,” he said on Facebook. “In case you missed it, this haystack was burned down last week for hosting my signs. They rebuilt and it has now been victim to arson for a second time. Share this with your friends.”

The farmer who donated the hay lost about $5,000 since the product was uninsured, according to Fox26 News. He also believes the fire was intended to destroy the signs, and now intends to hang the signs from a much less flammable steel shipping-container instead.

Anyone with information is asked to contact TCSO by phoning 559-733-6218.

In Michigan, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is separately investigating a complaint about a Trump 2020 campaign sign that allegedly had razor blades sticky taped along the bottom edge of the board.

An election worker claimed his fingertips needed 13 stitches after he tried to move the sign in Charter Township of Commerce, 33 miles northwest of downtown Detroit. He said the signage had to be repositioned because it was improperly placed near Sleeth Road and Wixom Road.

According to the Daily News, local ordinances require all political signage to be at least 33 feet from the center of the road, and the corrugated sign was claimed to be 9 feet too close.

The homeowner does not know who attached the razor blades and only remembers all of the signs disappeared before leaving for a trip. They were returned once she returned home from traveling, according to the Daily News.

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