Amid the turbulence of this voting cycle several voters in the state of Arizona have reported irregularities in marking the ballots.

BizPac Review reported that on Tuesday night, several voters noticed that ballots marked with a Sharpie felt tip pen were being rejected at the polls, while those marked with typical ballpoint pens were accepted.

A video that since last Friday has gone viral shows the moment when two women said that ballots filled out with Sharpie felt-tipped pens are not acceptable, while a man’s voice is heard saying, “So, they’re invalidating votes is what they’re doing.”

A woman who was off-camera also intervened said that they were invalidating votes and another one who is on the recording assures, “There was a guy who actually came out and yelled at me … three times.”

The man who was recording the video asked, “So, people are comin’ here to vote for Donald Trump and those votes are all getting invalidated, that’s what’s goin’ on,” he said while a woman who was present responded in the affirmative.

As reported by ABC News15, several voters expressed their concern to the station about the use of Sharpie markers to complete the ballots saying, “It may have caused them difficulties in voting in this year’s election.”

According to the station, several reporters received messages from Tuesday through Wednesday from voters stating that many polling places provided Sharpies to people voting in person.

However, ABC15 reported, “There were reports that some ballots filled out with Sharpies were not counted, while others that used pens had no problem.

The Fox News network gave an early warning Tuesday that Democratic candidate Joe Biden had won in Arizona, prompting outrage from President Trump’s campaign.

Jason Miller, senior adviser to Trump 2020, wrote on Twitter, “WAY too soon to be calling Arizona … way too soon.”

“We believe over 2/3 of those outstanding Election Day voters are going to be for Trump. Can’t believe Fox was so anxious to pull the trigger here after taking so long to call Florida. Wow,” Miller added.

With more than 1 million votes still in play in Arizona, Miller has accused Fox of trying to “invalidate” them. “@FoxNews should retract their call immediately,” he wrote, calling Fox an “outlier” and telling other networks not to follow him.


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