A Democrat, who is responsible for signing bills passed by the New York state Legislature, strangely described civil unrest vandalizing monuments as a positive display of emotion.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has openly supported extreme “anarchist” protesters who maliciously destroyed public property after Minnesotan George Floyd died in police custody. Local police allegedly handcuffed and kneed Floyd’s throat before he became unresponsive on May 25.

“I think it is a healthy expression of people saying ‘let us get some priorities here and let us remember the sin and mistake that this nation made, and let us not celebrate it,'” he told NBC’s “Today.” 

The governor also supported demonstrators who pressured New York City’s Museum of Natural History to remove the Equestrian Statue at Central Park West. The group claimed depicting former President Theodore Roosevelt on horseback, with an Indian and African American standing on either side of him, was offensive because the president was elevated higher than the other two who belonged to other races.

“Cities are making decisions, the ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt Statue I think was less about ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt but the other parts of that statue,” he said. “Look, people are making a statement about equality, about community, to be against racism, [and] against slavery.”

He also did not think tearing down historical monuments was excessive at all.

“I think those are good statements and it depends, can you overdo it?” he said. “Of course, you can but in New York I do not think we have overdone it.”

The governor’s remarks outraged Newt Gingrich, who warned that voting for the Democrats at the upcoming election would only bring more rioting, looting, and vandalism. He believes 2020 will be the “most important election” since Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860. 

“Governor Cuomo now made clear what the choice is: [if] you want to live in a country with looters and people who tear down statues, you ought to vote Democrat,” Gingrich told Fox News’s “Outnumbered Overtime.” “If you think that we ought to have law and order, people should not tear down statues, people should not loot, people should not establish independent zones in Seattle, then you ought to vote Republican.”

The Republican former House speaker predicted the civil unrest will become so severe that authorities will have no choice but to intervene with force.

“If once a mob is out of control, if you do not stop it, it just gets bigger, more vicious, more bloody,” Gringrich said. “This is [becoming] like the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, or Mao [Zedong’s] Cultural Revolution. I think the president is right, it is sad we have governors who are pro destruction [and] pro mobs.”

He was also disgusted by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s controversial allegation that Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) killed Floyd.

“Every American should be deeply offended by Nancy Pelosi’s comment that Sen. Scott and the Republicans killed George Floyd,” he said. ” I think she is losing her mind. How could any responsible person say something like that?”

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