Re-electing a president whose policies created an economic boom will devastate the nation, an actress suffering from a mental health condition has said.

Barbra Streisand fears Donald Trump will be re-elected to serve another four years as president and this will bring serious consequences to the United States.

“The ‘beacon of hope’ that is America could be extinguished if he [the incumbent president] is given another four years,” she said in a commentary published by Variety Magazine.

The Hollywood veteran, who is open about her near 30-year struggle with social anxiety disorder, is worried the general election’s voting process is in danger of foreign influence even though Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) had already dismissed “Crossfire Hurricane” as a politically motivated FBI counterintelligence investigation.

“Every morning I wake up, holding my breath while I turn on my phone to see the latest news,” she said. I think to myself ‘It cannot be worse than yesterday’ but, when the news loads, I think, ‘Oh yes it is worse’ … now he [the president] has fired the director of national intelligence in an effort to suppress the truth about Russia interfering in our elections again.”

Barbra Streisand still believes the president is undermining the democratic process even though a Senate impeachment trial had acquitted President Trump of abusing power and obstructing justice back on Feb. 5.

“Every day, he [the president] takes another swipe at the pillars of our democracy but we cannot allow him to irrevocably change this country,” she said. “No wonder doctors report that more people than ever are anxious and depressed.”

The actress also expressed grave concerns about the president’s withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement on an environmental theory.

“We cannot go on like this, it is too dangerous,” she said. “He says we have the cleanest air and water but what he does not say is that he is rolling back the regulations that keep it that way. Someone should tell him you can have a good economy and still be good to the planet but Trump does not listen and, therefore, he does not learn.”

Streisand then proceeded to accuse the Trump administration of a weak response to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak because he does not believe in science.

“Now we are facing another kind of war against the coronavirus,” she said. “[President] Trump got rid of our pandemic specialist two years ago and has defunded the Centers for Disease Control [and Prevention] because he continues to ignore science.”

However, New York University Medicine professor Marc Siegel disagreed with the actress’s dire assessment and believes the Trump administration had actually responded quicker than previous administrations.

“I have been handling these emerging contagions for about 20 years now and, I have to tell you, I have never seen one handled better,” Siegel told SiriusXM’s “Breitbart News Sunday” program.

The publication revealed the actress has a history of making controversial statements about the president. In October 2019 she shared a gory Twitter image of House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) skewering the president with her black high heel shoe.

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