An African American comedian shocked viewers after using national television to verbally attack Americans who voted for the president at the election.

Celebrity Whoopi Goldberg did not draw many laughs when she criticized members of the audience who support President Donald Trump during ABC’s “The View” on Nov. 10.

“To all those people who do not believe that Americans actually got out and voted, let me say this to you: when you-know-who [Trump] was elected four years ago, Hillary Clinton did not say, ‘Hey wait a minute, this does not feel right, stop the count,” she can be heard saying in a video shared on Twitter. “She did not say any of that, so all of you, suck it up!”

Goldberg openly admitted she supported Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, and that his fellow Democrats tried to impeach the president because they did not like him.

“Suck it up like we sucked it up, and, if you are not sure that you are comfortable with Joe Biden, do what we did—find things and then take him to the law,” she said. “If the law says that is something to look at.”

The television co-host then told Americans, who are concerned about the election process’s integrity, to accept defeat and man-up because President Trump is unable to.

“From now on, suck it up, grow the pair for him that he [Trump] cannot grow for himself because this is ridiculous, you not showing that he won,” she said. “You are bringing into question all of these Americans who voted legally came out, stood, and voted. How dare you question it!”

The remarks infuriated former House Republican candidate for California’s 26th congressional district Antonio Sabato Jr. who accused Goldberg of being a socialist sympathizer.

“Whoopi’s talking about sucking it up? You are voting for socialism? You are voting for locking people up?” he said, according to Fox News.

Sabato Jr. believes the presidential election should reflect the people’s will instead of the political desire of what he calls an unambitious Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“The American people won this election because, at the end of the day, whether you like Trump as a person or not, you know that he is counting on you, and he is working for you,” he said. “These people—Biden—has not done anything in 48 years [of civil service].”

He called the Democratic Party’s relentless efforts to undermine the political process as “five years of hell,” criticizing “the Pelosis, the Obamas, the Clintons,” as well as the Biden family for trying to introduce “full-on communism.”

He also said the entire Biden family “cannot function or speak.”

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