A fun campaign video released by the Trump administration quickly went viral on social networks. The images show President Trump throwing MAGA hats at political opponents such as Democratic candidate Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and antifa protesters. The video was created in a humorous tone, although it did not cause much grace in Democratic circles. 

The comical ad uses the popular song “YMCA” by the Village People, replacing those acronyms with “MAGA.” One of the images shows an antifa rioter being beaten with an object that the police used to disperse the crowd, but in the ad the object was replaced by a MAGA hat.

In another image, President Trump can be seen throwing a MAGA hat at Hillary Clinton as she falls down a flight of stairs, which was a real event, although the video shows the fall as the product of a blow from the hat.

The original video of Clinton’s fall occurred in India in 2018. “Hillary Clinton’s trip to India began on a left foot on Monday when she slipped twice as she walked down the steps of a historic palace, as shown in the video images,” The New York Post reported at the time.

It also shows a hat thrown by President Trump hitting Clinton again in a 2016 image when it was filmed while he was suffering from a kind of dizziness that made him lose his balance before getting into a vehicle. 

Later, a MAGA hat thrown by President Trump hits Joe Biden as he is heard to say, “Come on, man!”

President Trump later posted another announcement on his official Twitter account, this time in a serious tone, with strong criticism of his electoral opponent Biden. The video begins by saying “Joe Biden does not support American workers,” then former Vice President Biden appears to confirm his support for the North American Trade Agreement, NAFTA.

Later, the video shows well-known media figures admitting to the failures of the Obama/Biden presidency, before the Democratic administration’s unfulfilled promise to renegotiate the trade agreement. The video has almost 5 million views on Twitter.

Weeks ago, the Trump campaign unveiled a Spanish-language campaign ad titled “Por Trump,” aimed at generating support among Latino voters across the country. It is a cheerful video with a Cuban-American salsa song, performed by the group “Los 3 de La Habana.” The video quickly went viral, reaching millions of views, especially among Latinos in the United States and the rest of the Americas.


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