Following the firm decision of President Donald Trump to defend electoral transparency, he is now joined by 66 Missouri state legislators who signed a resolution led by Rep. Justin Hill. 

In the resolution, the legislators call on the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada to investigate the controversial election results and, if necessary, appoint new electors, according to Hill’s Dec. 9 tweet.  

The representatives are motivated by their constituents’ concerns about the integrity of the election process and because they do not trust the results that declared Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden the winner.

“Our constituents have expressed their concern about the integrity of our national elections, and demand that the election be secured by voter identification and paper ballots,” the representatives stated in their resolution. “In addition to adopting more election security for our state, Missourians are also calling for other states to be held accountable and expose the truth about this election.” 

Hill announced that he would present the resolution on Dec. 10, and attached the document to one of his tweets. 

“Tomorrow I will introduce a resolution in the Missouri House of Representatives, signed by 66 other members, calling on the GA, PA, MI, WI, AZ and NV to conduct investigations into voter fraud, and if they do not, we demand that Congress refuse to certify their voters,” Hill wrote. 

The initiative by Missouri’s legislators was approved by its voters, some of whom expressed their support through their Twitter accounts. 

“Good news and keep fighting. Republicans across the country need to stand up and fight with courage. We cannot let these Democratic cheats steal this election. End of story,” wrote @fosbrooks77.

“Courage! Nice work, Justin. Your Tweet has gone viral on another platform. Bravo! You have to check it out. I ask you all to listen to your fellow Americans,” tweeted the user chadnelson1969.

He added, “We’re a family. Go out & look for the truth, it’s out there. I leave it to you. This story is massive, more than you know.

This statement from Missouri follows a lawsuit by Texas before the Supreme Court against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin for changing electoral rules by ignoring the established legislative process.

At least 17 other states joined Texas in creating a veritable wave of lawsuits, protecting the electoral will of Americans, seriously threatened by a mountain of evidence of fraud, provided by the Trump campaign legal team and other citizens who observed it.

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