A top executive from a Washington daily newspaper, which has a history of undermining authorities, allegedly influenced a charity to cut ties with the president’s re-election campaign.

Washington Post Chief Executive Fred Ryan has been accused of using his other job at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute to pressure the Trump 2020 campaign team to refrain from mentioning the former president during election fundraisers.

Radio celebrity and constitutional lawyer Mark Levin revealed Ryan faces a potential conflict of interest since he also chairs the board at the foundation.

“I did not realize that Fred Ryan, who is now the publisher and CEO of the Washington Post is also the chairman of the Reagan Library and Foundation board,” he said on Twitter. “Given the Washington Post’s leftist agenda, and the conservative legacy of the great Ronald Reagan, this appears to me to be a huge conflict.”

Levin, who served the former Reagan administration for eight years, believes there was a conflict when the paper published a story about the foundation distancing itself from the Trump campaign.

“It also explains why the Washington Post ran a story about the Reagan Library objecting to President Trump’s use of the Reagan name for fundraising—that means Fred Ryan objected,” he said. “Ryan would not comment for the article his paper wrote about the library he runs. Well, I have spent many, many years promoting the Reagan Library and foundation, I have had many very successful book signings there.”

Levin believes the foundation is meant to preserve President Reagan’s family values and encourage conservative thinking in politics.

“The purpose of the library is to enshrine President Reagan’s fabulous conservative legacy for all  time,” he said. “Consequently, I am appalled that the Fred Ryan’s Washington Post and the Reagan Library under Fred Ryan’s chairmanship, would pull this publicity stunt on President Trump. I expect the thousands of Reagan alumni who worked for President Reagan share my concern.”

He called on Ryan to resign from one of his roles as it is becoming clear he cannot keep both of his jobs without causing a conflict of interest.

“Mr. Ryan, decide who and what you want to be but it is obvious you cannot be both the Washington Post publisher/CEO and the Reagan Library board chairman when there is a clear conflict,” Levin said.

President Donald Trump agreed Ryan will need to decide which job to keep because the current arrangement is not working.

“So the Washington Post is running the Reagan Foundation, and RINO Paul Ryan is on the Board of Fox, which has been terrible,” he said on Twitter.

The president shared University of Virginia Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato’s frustration with Ryan’s silence about the potential conflict of interest.

“He is, and people are not happy about it,” he said on Twitter. “The Washington Post is a political front for Amazon. Nobody treated Ronald Reagan worse.”