In stark contrast to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise, in-person appearance at the convention on Monday to a crowd that greeted them with a shout of “four more years, four more years.”

President Trump will speak each day of the convention, culminating in a speech from the White House on Thursday night, Aug. 27. Pence will speak again on Wednesday from Baltimore’s historic Fort McHenry.

In a speech marked by unity and optimism, President Trump pointed to the strong economy he created before the arrival of the CCP Virus and said he will lead an economic recovery. He also noted his success in preventing the virus from spreading even more in the United States.

“We did the exact right thing, we shut it [the economy] down and then we reopened,” Trump said. “If we didn’t shut it down at that point, we would have had millions of people dead.”

Former Fox News reporter Jason Chaffetz, a Democrat, in his coverage of the convention said that with strong support for his candidacy and for the Republican Party platform from the Republican ranks, President Trump is now in an excellent position to appeal not only to his base but also to independents and Democrats who are dissatisfied and concerned about the adoption of dangerous leftist policies by Democrats.

Chaffetz’s analysis contrasts the energetic and vigorous attitude of President Trump with the passive attitude of Joe Biden, who held the Democratic Convention from the comfort of his Delaware home, doing carefully selected interviews with friendly reporters and no open press conferences.

Chaffetz also criticized the radical left position the Democratic candidate is taking with the dangers it would pose to American society. According to Chaffetz, internally the Democratic Party is also looking at these issues, and it was reflected in the numbers at its national convention last week when, surprisingly, 1,069 Democratic delegates voted against the party’s platform, while 3,562 voted for the platform and 87 abstained. 

This is a clear sign of a highly fragmented party, divided between the left and far-left radicals in a large intra-party sweep.

President Trump in his speech pointed out Joe Biden and his policies, denouncing again that in the 2016 elections, the Democrats played dirty and wanted to win by cheating and now they intend to do it again, unless the Republicans and justice prevent it.

“This is the most important election in the history of our country,” Trump said in an unscheduled appearance after the nomination was official. “Our country can go in a horrible direction or in an even greater direction,” as reported by The Associated Press

On his Twitter account, President Trump also harshly criticized the trend toward the radical left being presented by the Democrats, and warned that if Biden wins the election, even the Supreme Court will be at risk, because the left will want to remove the objective judges and appoint friendly judges. However, he was optimistic about the outcome of the upcoming elections and did not hesitate to say, “Our country will never be a socialist country.

No doubt the presidential debates between Biden and President Trump will be important and will go a long way toward persuading the few voters who have not yet made up their minds about how to cast their votes.

Chaffetz optimistically described President Trump as a candidate with “energy, enthusiasm, a record of success in office, and a united base of support, President Trump is in an ideal position to win the November election—especially when he advocates for mainstream policies that will benefit the American people, while Biden lays low in his basement”