During the packed rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday evening, Oct. 10, President Trump brought the local police officers up on stage to thank them.

Trump also invited the head of the Minneapolis police union on stage to thank him for a high-profile fight over whether the city’s officers could wear their uniforms while backing the president.

Lt. Bob Kroll sparred with the city’s Democratic mayor this week over a policy that prohibits officers from wearing uniforms at political events or in political advertisements. Mayor Jacob Frey said the policy wasn’t new and said the police force must be nonpartisan.

Trump referred to Frey as a “very weak mayor” and said Kroll is a “great man.” Kroll and several other people, all wearing bright red “Cops for Trump” T-shirts, came onstage during Trump’s rally Thursday night in Minneapolis.

Kroll speaks to the audience, “How can you thank this guy for everything he’s done for law enforcement?” He called Trump a “wonderful president.”

The rally set attendance records at the Target Center with 20,000 in attendance, while another 25,000 were standing outside. Some had lined up a day earlier to guarantee a seat.

President Trump shared photos of the massive rally, stating “Over the next 13 months, we are going to fight with all of our heart and soul—and we are going to win the Great State of Minnesota in 2020!”

The White House also showed how Minnesotans are winning under President Trump.

Includes reporting from the Associated Press